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Cathcart, ship, 1387 tons. Captain Hugh R. M'Chesnay, for Valparaiso, via Newcastle.

Sea Witch, barque, 1233 tons, Captain C. H. Tlbbets, for Hongkong, via Newcastle. Passenger-Mrs. Tlbbets.  

G. M. Tucker, barque, 519 tons, Captain F. Holm, for Bluff, via Newcastle, in ballast.

Emu (s.), 382 tons, Captain P. Barry, for Adelaide, via   Newcastle, in ballast.

Barcoo (s.), 1500 tons, Captain T. A. Lake, for Brisbane and Northern ports. Passengers - Mrs. F. L. Sharp and two chil- dren, Mrs. Best and child, Mrs. Lawrence, Mrs. Middleton, Mrs. Birkby and 4 children, Mrs. J. M'Donald, Mrs. Wright, Mrs. R. S. G. M'Donald, Mrs. Hayes, Miss Laurence, Miss Scott, Miss F. Scott, Miss Allpass, Miss M'Farlane, Miss M'Donald, Miss Spragg, Messrs. J. Vickers, T. B. Macintosh, B. Birkby, Kerr, P. Harris, J. B. Latimer, H. B. Scott, H. F. Turner, E. Henriques, Campbell Walters. F. P. Watts, G. Patterson, C. H. Patterson, J. M'Donald, E. G. Wood, F. L. Sharp, W. Redman, F. A. Anderson, A. M. Woodhill, J. A. Clulow, G. Forrest, J. F. Churchill, J. W. Bunby, Tryzard, T. W. Glover, M. Campbell, P. Gorman, William Campbell, F. R. Wilkinson, H. Stevenson, Allison, T. Rosenweig, J. C. Downes, J. Waddell, Master Churchill, and 39 in the


Maranoa (s.), 1550 tons, Captain James Higgen, for Mel- bourne. Passengers-Mrs. G V. Allen, Mrs. J. Neeson, Mrs. Delves and infant, Mrs. Mitchell and child, Mrs.  

Carey, Mrs.R. Earaley, Mrs. Aytoun. Mrs. Cornish and In- fant, Mrs. Dancy, Miss Delves, Miss Solomon, Miss E. Penrose. Miss M. E. Artley, Miss Riddle, Miss Mit- chell, Miss J. Millar, Miss Melrose, Miss Hart, Messrs. G. P. Carey, R. Aytoun, Ryall, H. W. Stevenson, J. Delves, M. P. Jageurs, J. Byrne, Donaldson, Watson, H. Hooper, Mande, and 57 In the steerage.

Rodondo (s.), 1119 tons, Captain W. S. Seymour, for Mel- bourne. Passengers - Mrs. Wright, Mrs. Garrett, Mrs. Wil- liams, Miss Downton. Miss Dean, Miss Heath, Miss Smith, Messrs. H. Smith, Henry Hampton, W. Hall. T. Johnson. J. Hughes, J. F. Ready, J. M'Kcnna, J. T. M'Kenna, Jones, Suntherman, and 34 in the steerage.  

Derwent (s.), 478 tons, Captain G. Andrews, for Brisbane and ports. Passengers-Mrs. Cox, Mrs. Peart, Mrs. J. Pettigrew, Mrs. Smithers, Miss Dillan, Messrs. J. Park, A. G. Stewart, Peart, Rendall, Johnson, Rev. E. Meeres, E. C. Osborn, Master Cox, and 75 in the steerage.

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