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At about 4 o'clock on Thursday afternoon a respectable- looking man arrived in a breathless state at the Redfern Police Station, and reported that half an hour previously he had witnessed a horrible scene in Moore Park. He said that he was walking through the scrub in the neighbour- hood of Mount Rennie when his attention was attracted by the piercing screams of a female. He rushed towards the

direction of the sounds and shortly came upon about a   score of men surrounding a girl, whose clothing was in a mutilated condition, and who lay prostrate on the ground. Two or three of the ruffians were holding her down whilst another was criminally assaulting her. He immediately   shouted out to them to stop, and ran forward with the in- tention of rescuing the unfortunate girl, who screamed for help, but was met by a shower of missiles and em- phatic threats that if he attempted to interfere it would cost

him his life. Knowing that it would be worse than useless to attempt to cope with the infuriated wretches he ran away, and made his way with some difficulty across country       to the Redfern Police station, where he told his story as   stated. As there were no constables available at Redfern   at the time the intelligence was communicated by telephone to the No. 3 station (Darlinghurst), and as soon as prac- ticable police were despatched from both stations to the scene of the outrage. When they came within view of the spot it was apparent that the informant's story   was true, for the sickening scene described by him was still being enacted. The ruffians, however, were quickly aware of the approach of the officers of the law, and made off with all speed in different directions. Pursuit was given, but, owing to the boggy nature of the ground, and the fact that   the police were unacquainted with the locality, the male-     factors succeeded in eluding capture. Their victim was afterwards found in the same spot, in a terribly exhausted condition, with the clothes nearly torn from her body. As quickly as possible her deliverers got her out of the scrub, and placed her in a cab, by which means she was con- veyed to the No. 3 police station. Here she appeared dazed for awhile, but partially regained consciousness at intervals, during which she was able in a disconnected manner to relate how she came to be in such terrible straits.  

She stated that her name was Mary Jane Hicks, and that she was between 16 and 17 years of age. She had gone out to the neighbourhood of Moore Park in a cab, and, afterwards, while walking towards Forsyth's rope manu- factury, which is situated at some distance from Mount   Rennie, was accosted by some men whom she did not know. She was thrown down and criminally assaulted by one of them, whilst others held her; and she was assaulted   by a dozen men afterwards before the arrival of the police. She also stated that she was a domestic servant, but where she had been residing is at present uncertain. She was examined by Dr. Marsden on the same night, and that gentleman discovered undoubted signs of her having been brutally outraged. There were also bruises on her body.  

She remained in the care of the police until yesterday evening, when she commenced to vomit blood, and was im- mediately conveyed to the Sydney Hospital, where she was attended by Dr. Fisher. At a late hour last night her   condition was somewhat improved. Since the occurrence the police have succeeded in arresting two men who have     been identified by the girl as participants in the assault. One of these named Hugh Miller, was arrested about midnight on Thursday, and was brought up at the Water Police Court yesterday and charged with   rape. He was remanded till Friday next. Yesterday after-   noon George Keegan was also arrested, and will be charged     with the same offence at the Water Police Court this morning when he will probably be remanded till Friday.

Both these men were arrested in Waterloo, and were also recognised by the man who first gave information to the police. The latter are in possession of information which they hope will lead to the detection of the other offenders.  

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