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At the annual meeting of the \ icloriau branch of tho Kemale Confectioners' Un ion, Mr. E. H. A. Smith (secretary) re ported that good progress had been made by the union during the lialfyear. Dur ing July the basic wage of the women employed in the industry had been in creased from 34/ to 42/6 a x#eek, and a corresponding increase liad been se cured for all otheis, together with pro

vision for a variation of the wages every

sis jnon-ths, according to the figures of J the Commonwealth Statistician. As the

sis mouths have almost expired, the re- j presenlatives of the union will shortly I be meeting the representatives of the i Victorian, Manufacturing Confectioners' j Association to adjust the wages in ac- .

cordance witli the agreement. j

The members oi the union are also to

receive payment for eight holidays each ,

year, and other valuable concessions have ] been obtained. The union now has j three representatives on the wages beard, ! and tliev had tile pleasure of seeing the

wages of the uusni'tled msn raised to the | highest basic wage ever obtained by that section. The membership of the' union lias increased during th^rlialf-yc-ar by 474, asd_ the great buik of the women em ployed in tiif confectionery, industry are now members of the 'union.

"Women had d<*inon&traited;" eaid Mr." Smith, "that t'.iey were not only capable of conducting and organising a -onion with great success, but that they helped

to i:;u)iove the working conditions of all"1

concerned. All the members of the exe cutive, -the shop presidents, and the stew ards have rendered yeoman service. To

Margaret Wearne (general secre tary) and Miss Daisy Diwell (treasurer), the two pioneers of the uniou, :he organ isation owes a deep debt of gratitude for the self-sacrificing efforts they have put forward to raise the standard of the coil* ditions of the women employed in the industry. '

"Alias Diwell has the distinction of being the union's first shop president, and her achievements in securing new' members during., the early stages /of tie union have been remarkable. Miss Mar garet Wearne has displayed great deter mination of character in the many diffi culties the union has had to face, and her work as general secretary, branch president, wages board delegate, and as a member of the board of reference re flects the greatest possible credit upon


Mr. Smith desires also to express to -?liss Kisie flood and Miss "Maud. Hood, the other representatives of the union on the Wages board, his £111 cere appreciation for the great assistance that they have