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fi lo 1 ngst lincliant 0 to i agst Verilouj V - 2-Tlie l'nrislau I - 1-Helena ti - 1-"Woorooma. 7 - 2-Lion.


To-day.-Ascot races; settling over Mentone nut»; entries close for Sandown-park races; general entries close for S.A.J.O. Cup meeting; entries clogs /or Moonee Valley races; enliic-s close for Yarra Cien races; boxing match, Truscott v. Greenshields, at Cyclorama; sale of racehorses, Victoria Horse Bajwar; general entries close for Albury races; entries close for Newstead races; entries close for -Nagambie races; entries close for Wodonga races.

Tuesday.-Trotting: meeting nt Richmond; en- tries close for V.A.T.C. races; entries close for Chinea races; Coldstream races. *

Wednesday.-Aspendalc-park races; eutrlei close for Nagambie races; Myrniong races; Soytfiour races; City and hnburban Handicap, run in eng- land; entries dose for Aßcot races.

Tliursday.-Pakenham races; settling oïcr Aspcn dulc-park and A..7.C. races; Lindenow races.

Frldaj'.-Ballan races; Melbourne Gun Club meeting, at North Brighton; entries close for Mornington races.

Saturduv.-Sandown-park races; Sydney City Tat torsall's Club races, at Randwick; Melbourne Gun Club meeting-, at North Brighton.



A rico meeting ia announced to be ncia it Ascot to el 13 "lal" a lloren events lime been ni ranged, including tlic Wot Iluneli

oip of £50, i-eveii fin longs Rating nail sim, lit 1 q»liter to 3 0 clock

An Adunde Cup c indicíalo in Woolooma w is suicessful 111 the Mentone Hanelicip on Situiduy Hie field eompiised 10 inn neis, mid AV001 oomu's nab n good pci£orm anec, as ho was at the tail oC the iiolel foi Hie fiiKt two tmlongs Ile giadually mude np Ins. lee« ay, ind, finishing stiongl., ?non M1 th something in hand fiom Cono boiee md Bluff Ills foi m ivis 11 consider able 'improvement on lint shown by mm at L"psom the. pievious featurd ly, but that vus ins fust publie, uppeai hilo foi some time, mel he « is possiblj in want of -j nee In en. case, Bluff lathei deiuoi iliscd the field it J"p«om bl Hie btiong pace he set fiom the jump off Wootoomn, who non tho Moonco V-iIIpv Cup last jeir, is by Wall ice from Bon Mot 111 .Aicutelicoii, and wis bied bj Mi R G Row Hie coltb weight in the \ilel ude Cup is Sat 511), and ns he appeals io be coming on Mat he lins a dctidetl (hnncc in that event Ho Mill leave foi Adelaide this wcel

Hie Inge, field foi the Mentone Hindi

cap-10 1 mincis-w*is lathei 1 compliment to the linndtcappei, Mi W A Menses, who ivas present it the meeting having lust returned fiom Sjdncv aftei witnessing the fust three dajsj' 1 icing of the AJO meeting 1 hat the event was consideicd open was sulheientlv demonstrated by the fact ihat until a few minutes ftom the stilt of the lace odds of 7 to 1 were offeied on the held Lientnallv Woorooma ia cut out f ivoiuite -it 6 to 1

The Pausinn, 11 tinco j ear old golding by Bobadil from the Paiisicnne ijtlam of The Gaiety Girl and Chumant), bv I lenton made a hold attempt to win 1 double at Mentone on '"titurd ly Aftei a good race he just beat To in the lilli Handicap and an horn afterwaids was brought out for the Waliei Handicap With Ins 71b penalti he onlj had 7st Sib to can-, and was mide i strongfavoiuite Perilous being next 111 demand The Puiisian loo] ed like winning a hundred j aids Horn home, but Perilous, finishing well, cnight him on the post, ind Air ISoim m Wilson the judge, ins unable lo sepaiate them The owners could not come to in agi cement to divide, and the rice was inn off it the end of the da. As Hie Pirrsiin had ahead, inn two rates, the run oil looked a good thing for Petilotis but the bookmakers weie in a I liberal fnme of mind, ind took 0 to i

tint ho did not win It was no rice I this time, is Perilous whose jockcj lost a Ftiirup it the sturt of the original contest, led all the wai, ind won pulling up "this is the first nee won bj Perrlous He is 11 big ba\ co.t 1>\ the imported Calbine horse Pistol fiom Alvcarj, bv Pnidspoid from Queen Boc, who runs back to nnpoitcd Crin, dam of Newminster Perilous exist Mr W I coming 400 guineas as a yearling Ho has so tar been a somcwhit eostlj hoise, as Mr I eoming had pievtouslv bael ed him on scieial occasions The coll may inn next Wednesday at Aspendiile-pirl, and nflei that he will, according to present in (entions he cent out for 1 spell Ile is, like Worn ooma, tr lined bv R Bl rdfiekl

Weights foi the Ballan rices which wen. published orr Satuiday, weie declaied by Mi J li Davis at 1pm on 1 nday Coquette and Joan, two of the winners at tail I rl on I lrdij afternoon, lune, tbcie foie, lneuutd penalties foi the Ballan meet

mg '

Plinei, who inn off m the AJO First Steeplechase at Randwick, has. ictuined to


The owner of Mumu was fined £2 for late sóiatchingín connection with the Wcl ter Plato tit Mentone on Saluiduy

I-ncliant ran n vorj bad race at Williams town on£aster Mondiy, but was equal to ?winning the Hunlle Rice al Mentone on Saturday from Lal ukin, and the hot favoiuite Sienna, who appens to be a pool weight earner Hnchont, it turns out, lnoke a blood vessel m the couisc of the Williamstown rice

Between the fust and second lace it Mentone on Safurdav an innovation in the shape of a "lough up" gallop amongst five .callings, wns jnttoduced, and cieutcd some interest The youngstert- eoncemed arc the piopeiti of Mr G P Pujne, who comes norn New 7caland, wheie Hie pnetiee of spin ling jcailiugs 111 public is fanlv com mon Hie five that appen ed on Saturdaj were bled m Non Zealand, and thev com pnsed a eolt by Obhgato fiom Dieamland, a colt by Stcpniak from Gipsj Countess, a coll bj Adunco from Bonnette n lilli by Soult fiom Helen MGregoi, and a hill by St Ambrose fiom Success They all looked m nice condition, and with two exceptions, ire faull well grown Thc\ were galloped fiom the straight enhance to the winning post-about two fin longs-and after getting off bullv, tho Oblígalo colt finished in good stjle and leqched the win nmg post first He is onlj about 14 1 hands high, but is smuit looking The best tal

loper of the lot appeued lo be the Soult


Two of Hie wrnneiB at Mentone on Satur daj The Piuisinn und Helena, weie sired by Bobadil Helena, who won Hie Welter Purse, is only a ponj Another Bobadil to win on Saturdaj wns "Cllengown, who took

a race at Liunccston

'II10 hero of the A J C meeting was un doubtedly Trifalgai Ho ian on each of life four daj s of the meeting On the first daj hL look the Autumn Stakes on the second daj the Svdnev Cup, on the third day (aftei being mterfeicd with by Lord Nolan) finished thud m the Cumberland Stakes while on (he concluding day he ac- counted foi the three mile lace the A J C Plate Ovei this distanee backcis on the spot, as well as in Melbourne took Hie new that Lord Nolnn would down Tiafil gar but the Melbourne Cup winnei was beaton by Neith as well ns Tiafalgar This ceilainlj bcirs out the opinion thal, with n deal lim, both J iifnlgn and Neith would have beaten Loid Nolan in Hie Cumberland blakes When Tiafalgar ian 111 the Cham pion Slakes he crae! eil up aftei enteung the Bliaight, tvml on Hint lnnnmg tlnee miles lool ed a ti ide too fal foi lum He lum, how ei ei, come on 1 lot since then Theie haiq been some negoliliions for his purchase foi India, but the Mcssis Mitchell, his owneis", would now leqnne lo be tempted With n icrj big offer before consenting to patt with linn

Hoax, the sister to Pâmons, scoicd her llmd win at Die AID meeting, when she got home in the Bous Handicap on Satur- day The race was confined lo Ihieeycai okls and Monobcl, at ist 121b was most fnncicd bj backers, but ho lins been a dis appointing animal, and once molo failed to gLfc a place Pive Clown followed Hoax home, as ho did in the Maiden Stakes On Saluidaj he was meeting Hoax on 101b bolter ternis nnd S Ferguson was substi tuted for J, Dillon

The only favourite lo come to the assist- ance of backers at Randwick on Saturday was Kuala Lumpni, who started at n Bhort puce for the Steeplechase During the four dins of the meeting but five fa von tiles won out of 24 races, willie outsiders frequently cioppLd up It must hnv e been u splendid meeting for the bookmakers A few Vic torians w ero back on Satin daj They w cíe quite satisfied to s'and on their losses, with- out waiting for "recoiei j day" One Vic- torian, how ci or was lucky Ho recently made some sensational wagers oxer The Cothbrack at Sunbun, and at Bandwick had substantial wins 01 or Loid Nolan m the St Lcgei and Trafalgar m the bjdncy


Considering that the leam was a smnll one, Victonan heises did veiy well at tho AelC meeting Tiafalgii accounted for lince good raies, Old Cliauuic foi the Piist Hurdle Bate Saveine for ti-. 111 st Steeple chase lind Kuala Lumpur i -» Hie Second Steeplechase The Sidney i-iocpli-cliusers aie a \cn pool lot, and thorp are \eij few of them at that In both Steeple 1ib«ps Mel bourne homes filled the placog Hie Sidney maie Thelma Dushwood was killed in Suttrrdays event She was 11 six j car old minc, bl Moslem fiom Beryl, and was owned bj "(iii A Cishcl

Wallace wai. tho ninsL successful siro it the A J C meeting I rúalian w ou three, and Lord Walline ouo lace foi linn Gi îf lon had a smart 1 epicsentatii0 m Hoax, winnei of tinco nces Hunan the Don

easter Handlea]) Minnel, mel Huco Minmi ol the 1 lung Ilandicap gil c H 11 oc 1 good nihcitiseintnl Tine Blue Ind two winning lppiesenlatiies anti the following sues one

ruth, m¿ - Gozo, Su ioott P0.1l inn len | uo\. Maitélci. BaYcifluk. Ilia Eoveienee_

Sitgc Gun, St Alwynnc Holbiook, Mikado Jl Beauchamp, and binnie

J he liduig hoi ouis at Hie \ J C meet mt, weio lal en by W H billilli who iodo J i lfulgar to iiclon on tinco oecisions, and also got Baw Bee nome in the 1 mai Han dieap O Bolton rode three winners, M Connell two, and the following jockejs one each, viz -T Cahill. D M Carthy, D Cal linan, 1 Hood C O Dans J Lightfoot, (r Phillips, N Wood.W Raj.B Cameron, It Lewis, W M Lachlan, E 'lanko, J bmitli, and 1 Pil e

Ihrce pioinment horses to um unplaced m different events at Randwick on batur duj w ore llj man Parsee, and Mnltinc

A feature of the A J C meeting was the success of thiee jenr olds Apart from the two races, the St Legei and Rous Hundí

cap, confined to hoiscs of that age, eight inces were tal cn by three j car olds-three by liafulgai two by Hoax, and one each bj Hyman, Huco, and ]}uvv Bec lire only hoiscs oi ei lince j ears old to win on the Hat were Param, Montcairn, Neith, Lord Wallace, and Blue Garments

lhc question of two jeir old supremacy is usually setHed bj the VRC and A J 0 Autumn meetings, but both meetings nie over, and it is still an open one Mala and bunny South stood w eil out from the other two year olds at the VEC meeting Malu did not go to Randwick w hilo bunny South pel formed disappointingly time Mel

bourne men ictiirncd from Sjduey, repoit that Sum» boulh waa said to bo suffering fiom an affection of tile kidneys before the A1C meeting It w is thought when the meeting stalled that he was nil light, but, judging bj his fonn, he wns fin from being himself Punce 1 oole and Malt King weie a couple of smart two jen olds that Hie meeting brought to light Pumo 1 oole, lil e Mali, is on lhc small side Hie question ufto which is the most bl cl\ joungstei to tttiu out the <i ick tluee j ear old is, as in cheated open, but Sunny South, fit and well, is not a b id one to rely on

Messrs Win C Anille and Co will offer foi silo to tiny al 12 o clock, at the A'jctoua Horse Bti/mi, the laichorses A an liomp, Pude Nellie Jones, Battj, Cadenza, Lal ni ni 1 holoi_oloti(, and the ponies Studley Pail, 1 ury Lad, and Sentence

Aihngton is Ion weight with Ost, for the Vspendnlc paik Handicap, one mde, to be run on Weducsdiv, Lion has been given a eli ince at ist 7lb

Settling over Hie AJO laces will luke place ni tho Vicloiian Club and Bowes s 1 rttcrsill s Club on Tliursdaj

Ali Al P Considine, the secretar j, will talc entiles today foi tho Sandown park neos to be held on Satuidai next Hie leiding clent will be the Sandown paik Handicap, of 100 sovs, one mile and a quur


1 he Afooncc A alley Bicing Club Eli. ht Horns Daj meeting will require attention to dav Hie stakes amount to the fine total of GOO sovs the chief attraction being the 1 ight Hollis Handicap of 2j0 sovs, one mile ind a quarter Lntues will be re ceil ed bj Air A Ar Hiskens the lion secre tai j, it Kirks Baza ii, up to 0 o'clock to day

Mondai next, being Light Hollis Day, ind a publie hohdnj, the Richmond Race Club will hold a meeting on Hie com em entlj situated Richmond lacecourse A pro pramme of six events is advertised in this

is^ue A sum of C300 will be disbursed m stal es the pnneipal event being the Height Class Handicap for ponies, 13 3 and 140 run oiei five fuilongs, the enhance fee being 10/ Entries will close on AVed nesdav, nt 9 o'clock

AV 1 oulslnm who went over to South Ausliaha lo udc at the Onl uparmga meet mg stayed on, and on Saturday rode Pic lion to iictoiy in the Welter at Tattersall s Clubs meeting Swagman winner of the Steeplechase at tins meeting paid a dm dend on the tolnlrsator of ?14/10/, and Prettj Pcggi, the liial Stakes winner, a dividend of JC12/17/ lhere was a second dividend in each case

1 wo horses by imported Pistol won on -"aturdaj-Perilous at Mentone, and Allis kel Belle in Adelaide

Good times were again made in some of the races nt Rand« ick on Saturdaj Hoax won the Rous Handicap in 2mm 201sec, which equals the Australasian record for a mile and Huco furlongs, made by St Ambiosc at Williamstown, and by Isolt nt Randwick Baw Bee ran the mde and n qunilei of the Piñal Handicap m 2min Cvsec-within half a second of the record pitt up bj Hova at Flemington

1 o thy entries will close with Mr II J Bueklund, Alelboumc or with Air R .T Lithgow, Yam Glen, for the Yarra Glen Race Club meeting, to be held on April 28

Nominitions are duo to day with Mi T Carioll the secretaij Nagimbio, or with Mi H 1 Sutton, Kuk's Bazaai, Jlel bourne foi the Nagambie Turf Club meet

ing to be held, on April 28

General entries for the South Australian Joel ey Club autumn meeting w ill close to day, at 4 p ni., willi Air A O Whitington, ,the sccreturv in Adelaide, oi with Hw AI P Considine, m Afelbourne TorfoitS foi the St Legei mid South Australian, Stakes are due at the Same time

At 8 o clot"k this ei empg general entries close with Air A Phillips the secretary, for the Albuiy Cup meetin Melbourne owneis miij nominate with Mr. 1' Con sidine

Air R J Harper the secietan, will take entries up to 0 o'clock this evening for the AVodonga Tmf Club races, to be held on April 28

1 nines will close lo-daj with Air R A[ llwricl the secietaiv, for the Newstead Racing Club meeting, to be held on AVed ncsduj, Alaj 5

J he Austiahnn Tocltcv Club stew aids held tin inquiry on Saluidaj into the com plaint on the score of intcifeience lodged bj the owner's of 'Irafnlgai against C Bolton the ndoi of Loi el Nolan, in the Cumbeilnnd Stakes on AVcdnesduy Thcj decided that the interference was umnten tiona], but cnutioned the boy against spoil

mg the chances of other horses in a. race, bv not falling back when his horse was um nmg iingeneioiislj .

In the I lung Handicap ni Tattersalls, races at Biisbonc on Snturday Afinnow ran into the fence, bioko his off shoulden and was subsoquentlj dcstioied His jockci F P Nenne, escaped unhurt by smaitlj vacating the saddle


PPRTll Saturday -The Delmont park rncca were held in fine ve luther this afternoon .lie attend ance m as excellent Results -

Hurdle Hace About one mile and three qiinr irs - dinner bj Nobleman-Curfew 912 (Mar rctt) 1 Mayflower 10 in (Trejiowoth) 2 lied Collar no (Pckc) 1 No other starter«-Bet tint. -5 to 4 on Chiiner M on by three lengths

lime 3min 30sec

First class Plitü Six. furlongs-Boj, bv Ons low-Minnie 713 (Bam) 1 Chester Bell 7 0 (\mvin) 2 Sample 710 (Sampson) 3 lour others started netting -2 to 1 ngst Boj W on

three quarters of a length Time, lmln


S conti class Pinte Sl\ ftirlongs -Independent, bl Gunpowder- Monp.ll. 7 3 (Reltti. 1 Crowfoot -IO (lienowelli) " Talos;i 8 4 (Powell), 3 Twelve others stirtel Betting-10 to 1 sgst Independent Won by a length anti a half Time

mil lIKee

llilmot fc Han Heap One nillo and a quarter - Prominence hy 1 mlnence-Proseljte 711 (Samp son) 1 Pearl Maiden 81 (Matthews) 2 Prince Charlie 8 4 (Sutherland) 3 rhreo others started Bitting-5 lo ' cich ngst Prominence and Kn tonmbi Won bj fvvo lengths and a half Time

2nul llscc

TI ml ti iss Plate Six furlong« -Scollnn 1 Star I) (Shaw) 1 \ailn 8 4 (Trcnoweth) 2 In li Mural 7 12 (Cockr m) s Three others Btartid Ilettiiifc -0 to I ngst \dora fi to 1 nest Scotland 'lai lion ensilj 1 lim lmln IGsee

Meiler Han Heap Seien furlongs-Cluster Utile I y I rlncc Chester-Heather Belle S 7 (M-ir lnnel) 1 I nlbrac SO (Ross) 2 Phonograph 0 12 (Solomon) I Six others stirted Bcttuur - f to 2 cich aerst Lnil rae and Chester Belle Mon bj four lengths lime lmln llsoc


AuruMN n«.i\Dic\p wov di riinBus

LAUKCI STO\ Saturday -The Tasmiinian Turf Club I aster meeline; uns held this afternoon at Mowbrn. The weather was fine but tho attend ance moderate The sum of C1103/16/ was put through the totalisitor lu 10/ and 5/ lnicstracnts

Results -

Trial Handicap Si* fuilongs -11 Brock s rilengoini bv Bobadil-Carev ie 7 7 (hing) 1 W Cilhom s Halo 7° (Harmer) 2 I Se mons s Bright Night - 7 (Graham) 3 Ten started M on by two lengths two lengths between second and third. Time Imin 17sec Totalisator dividends -Inside 20/ and 20/ outside 10/ and 15/

Hurdle About two miles-1- Westons NP

by Tostig-Svntch 10 0 (II idfleld) 1 W Clare B My Home 10 0 (Bow erin en) 2 \\ .kin . Holds berg 115 (0«1) 1 Soi n started National and Rannock lost their ri lers Mon pulling ip bl three lengths the sa no dist ince 1 elvveen second nnd third Time 4nim "jScc Tot ilisator ellvi dends -Ins ile 11/ and 0/ outsl le 23/ and 4/

Autumn Handicap Six furlongs -R Held s Phoebus bv Leeholm-Phoebe 10 Í (Dunn) 1 \\ "" e s Drumreagh 8 0 (Roles) " A 1 O Con .... 3 Clansman 8 5 (Campl eil) 3 1 irhteen started Won hi half a lene,th leal 1 elvveen second rend third Time lmin Uflet rotaltsitor dividends -In«J le 17/ anl TI a itside "i/o at 1 ß

«atecploel ase Two and n 1 alf mies - W M Donal 1 s Billiards I v Brilliant - Mollie 11 S (M lllton) r Bonncv s M vnwird Lad 11 0 (Ho iso) 2 l Taton s M estl uri 10 5 (liowcrmai ) 1 Wool

len also started I nt eli 1 i ot Jloihh W on 11 six lengths °0 lcne.ll s between pecon 1 an i tlur 1 lime fimfn l"sec Totalisator diet lends-In ide 25/ outside 12/fl

fcastir Handicap One mile-Norton s Mater loo bj True Bille-\esta "S (Harmer) 1 J

Clare s Drillnraigl 8 ° (Roles) » 1 M lv l n I s llahenv "10 (Prools) Seven stirled «iii lv i length four lei slls 1 etween _p onl ti thirl Time lmln « 1 le Tot ill t r illi _."_, -ins! le JO/ and 6/ o Is! le 41/1 an 1 J

tIjing Stakes five fnrloigs - I Ma kav s 1 ree Seott lv Lord Charle« Srott-_ri»s rcrrr es " 1 (Harmer) 1 t,o\ ind Woods Silverdale "I (Jordan) 2 C Tatlow s nnirpln So (IIunes) 3 Twelve started Won by three-quarters of a lcneith i neck 1 etween second and thirl Time lmln ! *cc 7olull«ilor dinden Is-Inside, £"/!/ und 30/ ouislle rR/0 anl 1"/0


3, WREN", General Manager.






Trains from riintlers-strcct lo Newmarket. Cabs from Cilj-.

Xorth Melbourne Trams connect Essendon Elec-

tric Trams.



(To start at a quarter to S), ' Of 30 bovs. rive furlongs.

.Mr. A. Slade'!! b g Bright Metal, 4 yrs .. .. 10 7 Mr. W. 1-nilor'a b 1) Urani, 3 >rs. I) 0 Mr, N. Swan's eli g Cudcnza, aged .. .. »« 0 0 Mr. T. Wilson's b m Collie Blue, 1 j ra .. ~ 8 12 Mr. F. Boole's b in .Merc}-, aged ,. .. .. ** 8 11 Mr. P. Dr,v don's b in Zoraja, 11.2, 5 yrs .. .. 8 10 Mr. A. Buniiel's lir in Mceldlesomc, 5 jrs ,. 8 el Mr. O. Douglas's b in Ladv Barton, 4 yrs ..8 5 Mr. T. Moon's br m Mtn-selhoroiigh, 3 jrs .. 7 12 Mr. L'. llugg's br m ltojal Blue, aged.7 5

SI'lllN'lT.US' 1I..SDICAP (To start al'quarter-past 3),

Of 40 sois. Three and a half furlongs.

Mr. 0, M'Swecney's b m Yillah, 6 yrs .. .. 10 1.1 Mi. A. Godfiey's h g Al Forkan, 5 yrs .... 0 5 Mr. C. Tajlor's eli B Pargo, 0 yrs. I) 3

Air. A. Slade's be g Pivot, aged. 0 2 Mr. 1'. Shaw's lil m Sarsaparilla, aged .... 8 12 Mr. W. Sutherland's di ra Ilma, ».Si, oged.. 8 111 Mr. S. Tipper's cb m Valletlii, aged. 8 t» Mr. r. Ilrjlion's b in Pinkie, aged._S 5 Mr. W. lltishtbn'shrm Herculean, 1I.2J, 5jra S 2 Mr. O. Kagg's bl m Blue Hell, aged. 7 10


(To start at quarter to 4), Of 30 sovs. Tour furlongs.

Mr. J. Spring's h h Venturo, 13.2, 4 j ra .... 11 2 Mr. 1'. Woodard's cr g Conjurer, 13.2, 6 jrs 10 0 .Mr. 11. Long's cb m Bonnie Hell, 13.13,,ti jrs 0 11 Mr. II. Hamilton's b li lied Spec, 13.0_;*0 y« n 11 Mr. E. Lechtc's b g Fun Bun, 13 2, aged .'. 8 12 Mi. A. Ling's eh m Kathleen, 13.2, 4 "jrr» ..' S 12 Mr. T. Patterson's b m lliibydell, 13.1, aged 1 12 Mr. r. Howard's b m Girlie, 13.2, 0 yrs .. 7 1/) Mr. C. M'Dovvall's b m Little Ma«-, 13.14, fl


Mr. T,

Mr, J.". -.-, .. Mr. W. Wilson's b c Billy Iluffln, 13.1J, 3 yrs 7

Mr. J. M'Corntack's br m Mystery, 13.0.,'5 yrs 7 2 Mr. A. Samphlei's b m .North Terrace, 13.2,

0 yrs. 7 0 Mr. W. Walt's b m Elsie. 13.1, 3 yrs. 7 0 Jfr. T. Lee's li m Dimple, 13.1, 5 yrs ....7 0 Mr. J. Eado's g li Sunrise, 13.1, 0 jrs. 7 0


(To start at quarter-past 4),

Of 40 sovs. Four furlongs.

Mr. T. Bennett's b g Moonbi, 4 yrs.10 0 Mr. A. Slade's b g Bright Metal, 4 jrs .. ..* 0 12 Mr. F. Turner's li in Cromie, 14.2., aged .. 1) 2 Mr. T. Moon's bl g Glenvar, 3 yrs. 8 12 Sir. Vi. Lawlor's h li Untni, S yrs .1. 8 7 Mr. S. M'llllams's b m Sweetheart, 14.3, aged* 8 0 Mr. ,1. M'lntjTc's bl g Our .lack, 4 yrs .... 8 0 Mr. M. M'Inerney'B eli g Bcachmore, r, yrs.. 7 0 Mr. T. MatHgan'a bl m Constant, aged .... 7 7


(To start at quarter to 5), Of 40 sovs. Five furlongs.

Mr. .T. Hawkins's b jj Kola, 14.2, aged .... 9 7 Mr. W. Cahlll's hr m Brown Bctlj', 14.1J,

0 yrs. 0 3 Mr. P. Drydon's b ra Zoraja, 14.2, 5 yrs .. 8 12 Mr. E. Flcmmlng's b m Twilight, 14.1, aged 8 0 Mr. A. Hall's bl r Studley Park, 14.1, 4 jtb 8 3 Mr. L. Bottrke's br g Rocket, 14.0_, aged ..8 2 Mr. E. Condon's b m Nyrla, 14.2, 4 yrs .. .. 7 13 Mr. F. Dennis's eh g Tark King, 14.2, 4 jrs 7 0 Mr. F. Nelson, jun.'s, b g Little Fred, 11.2,

aged. 7,0 Mr. E. .Tungsvvorth'a ch m Mountain Rose,

14.1, 0 yrs." 7 0 Mr. F. Gunn'B 1) g Precede, 14.0., 5 jrs .. .. 7 5 Mr. H. BurKe's b c Daj break, 11.1, 2 jts ,. 7 5


(To start at quarter-past 5), Of 50 sovs. Seven furlongs.

Mr. (!. Mttmo's b g Unspoken, 14.3, «god ,, lo 2 Mr. ,1. Ashton's bl g Nestor, aged. 0 13 Mr. W. Grant's br m Nightingale, 4 j-rs .. 0 0 Mr. V. Drydon's-ch m Gracelnl, 0 yrs .. .. 8 8 Mr. E. Harrison's-1) g Karol, 0 jib. 8 7 Mr. A. Gotlfrcy's b g Al Fprkau, fî yrs .... 8 0 Mr. It. Brown's br g Lcvard, agetl ., .. ,. 7 12 Mr. G. Stone's b g Bomb«liell, aged. 7 10 Mr. T. Milson'» li m Collie Blue, . yre ,, 7 7

Measuring Tills; Morning, from 10 till 12,


J. WREN, Manager.

£500. FUTDR1TY,. FIVE HUNDRED, '£500. £600. One milo und a half. £500. £500. For all Horses, Trotters, and Pacerá £500. £500. That can do 2.32 and Belter. £500. £600. To be run on the £500. £500. RICHMOND BACECOURSE, £500. £500. FRIDAY, 3rd SEPTEMBER, 1000. £300.


First Acceptance, of £5. will bo received on Hie 1st July, 1000. Horses can only remain in the race on paj-ment of tho above first acceptance.

Final Acceptance nfc scales, £7. /

Horses nominated after 28th April, entry ice,


A. J GKA1, Secretary,

107 Bourke street,


£?»0 RICHMONDS HOLIDAY £300 £300 MTETTNG £300 £300 bichmond BAarcounsE £3oo £300 IN STAKES (£300 £300 NEXT MOND \Y 2tltll APRIL £300 £300 (EIGHT HOURS DVÍ) £300


£100 nriGHT CUSS HWDIO*.!? I£100 £100 rivo furlongs £100 £100 Tor nelghts 313 and 110 £100 £10 1*3 and 13 0 Handicap 3} fur £10 £10 13 1 a u Hindlcap 1. fur £10 £10 14 X and M2 Handicap 4 J fir '£10 £40 Ti lal Handicap 5 fur £10

For oil horses Hint have not won a race on the flat ol the value» of £15 or moro to tho winner M Innern of Trial Handicaps onlj at Ascot Richmond and rilaroy (V ) of the value of more Utan £15 to the win ncr arc eligible to compelo an d all ponies 14 3 and under notwithstanding what amount thev may liaic no» in any raco or races whatever

C10 Holi lay Handicap "J fur £10 X10 lor all hoiscs and gal loira ei £10

Nom -Height Class Hundred, 10/ acceptance, 20/. Norn-Other events, 10/, acceptaacc, 10/


J. WREN, General Manager.

Offices-107 Bourke street, Melbourne

¿11 nominations to A, J. Gray, Secretary.



1 Ilelcp Hurdle llacc, ._ sovs 1 inileB Nom,

10/, acccn , 10/ at scale

2 Open Ilelcp Hack Pact, 5 bovb 7 furlongs

Norn , 5/

3 iorra Glen Handicap 30 sovs One mile Norn ,

10/, accep , 10/, at seale

i Hdcp I'ony llacc, 8 sovs 14 a u 4 furlongs

Norn , 0/

C Welter Handicap, 10 sovs 7 furlon.s Nom,


0 1 Ij Ing Handicap, 10 sovs 5 furlongs Norn ,


LNTHIES CIOSI MOND VI, APRIL 10 luth Mr H J Butkland 151 Queen street, Melbourne and with Seentitrj, larri flats Hotel .arra Glen sime elav Weights to appear April 24 Starting machine used Special train tonveving horsis and passengers leaves Prince t, bridge lor \arra Glin nt 10 5a a m reluming after races Hauelicappcr, Mr It li Maitland \ R 0_ rul s

_H. _ LITHGOW, lion. Sec.


MONDA., MAY J, 1003

'I ml Handicap, 6 furlongs, li) e-ovs.; entry, 10/. Avonel llimdliiip, I lmle, In e-ovs., norn , 8;li, mrepl, 8/0. Pnrse (hundiiap), 5 finlong«, lu Rois ; nom., 5/, accept., 6/, Jumper-?* Flat (bundi r.irO, 1. imlee. 10 sois., nom, 5/; accept., 5/. Hack ltacc, 0 fnilongs, 5 boes.; post entry, 5/. l'lttttcr (handicap), 0 furlongs, 11 sens ; norn , 6/.; accept., II/. NOMINATIONS will bl leecived by li. T. Sntlon, li>q., nt lils olliet, Kirk's Bizaar, Melbotnne, lind the Ft crctao At Avenel, up HU JIONDAi, AI'IIIL-M, 10011. Weights "The «.rgilf," " \ge,'" "Sporting Judge," and local papers on l'lldjj, April JO, 1D01). SPELlMi TRAIN for horses and passengers fiom Spencet sit cet morning ot races at 0 45 a ni. Publican's boutai sold ¿I Avenel on April 10, 1000, ni J p.m., by Messrs.

i:. W. Hill und Co., auctioneers.

IL» 1V4 UUl NUU vu<< uuv,uvi"wv.i.i

E. Ui HOLLOWAY, SttrtUry.


' ' V.A.T.O. .' *

1st MAY, 3009, MEETING,


KHARTOUM HUBDLE, 150 sovs. 2 miles and 01

yords. .

KATANDRA TWO-YEAR-OLD, 200 soW. 61 fur-


GLENHUNTLY HANDICAP, 250 sovs. 1 milo ond

a furlong.

NEKltlSI STEEPLECHASE, 150 sovs. About 2

miles. 3 furlongs. Hind SO j-aids.

GLENFERRIE WELTER, 150 sovb. 7 furlongs. , BRIGHTON HANDICAP, 150 sovs. 0 furlongs.

Nominations, 1 sov.

, TIIOS. M'. MOULE, Bec. V.A.T.O.

491 Hourkc-strcctr -Melbourne. '



(Eicht Hours Doy). . *


HANDICAP HURDLE RACE, 100 so\h. Two wiles.

Nomination, io/; acceptance, 1 sov.

MAIDEN PLATE, GO so.s. Sprcial weights-3 yrs.

Cat. 10lb.; 3 yrs, 7st. 121b.; J yrs and upwards, Sut. 31b. Mares allowed 21b., gcldlng-i 81b. Five furlongs. Nomination, 10/; acceptance, 1 sov.

CORINTHIAN HANDICAP, 70 sovs. Anpro\ed

amateur riders. Lowest handicap weight, list. 71b. A rider who was a paid-up member of ii recognised hunt club on December 1, IDOS, and who has never ridden u winner of a flat race, filiaU be allowed 71b., to be claimed at scales. Seven furlongs. Nomination,, 10/; acceptance,

1 sov.

EIGHT HOURS HANDICAP, 250 sovs. One milo

und a quarter. Nomination, 1 sov.; acceptance, APRIL PLATE AND PURSE, 120 so\s. A*ljandl

cap divided equally Into two .¡takes, Six fur- longs. Nomination, 10/; ucccptancc, l bov.

Mordialloc, Mentone, and Caulfield horses con- veyed free. Weights, April 22. Telephone 3GS5.

A. V. H1SKENS, lion. Sec.

Kirk's Baraar, Bourke street, Melbourne.



50 Sois-TRIAL HANDICAP. Tor horses lliatlioio

r- cr rccclvid a stake of more than £50 on the1 I .. 5 fuilongs.


100 Sovs -SAND0WN-P\11K HANDICAP. 1J miles 50 Sovs -S1E1.PLLC1I VSU About 2 miles


PURSE v. welter hanillrap, divided iqually into two stakes, of 0 furlongs

, All nominations, 10/. ' j ENTRIES CLOSE on MONDAY, APRIL 10 (be- ' fore 0pm) at Mr. M. P. Considlnc's offlce, 401 Bourke street Handicaps declared Thursday, April IS, R. K. Maitland, handlcapper.

Telephone 1712.

M. P. CONSIDINE, Secretary.





Piinclpally all metropolitan horses engaged.

Splendid natural courue, in first-class order since

recent rain.

Bookmakers supervised by Mr. J. T. "Wright.'

SPECIAL RACE TRAIN, conveying horses lind passengers, leaves Princo-s-nridge 11.60 a.m. morn- ing races; Camberwell, 12.8; Box Hill, 12.20; Ringwood, 12.35; Croydon, ,12.42; Lilydale, 12.68. Returning, 0.30 p.m. Excursion fares. .

NOTE.-Owners may obtain their passe» «pon personal application-only to Mr. IL T, Sutton, Kirk's Bazaar. Melbourne, not later than Monday,

10th inst.

_P.. F. MURPHY, Secretary,


CUP MEETING, 21st and 22nd APRIL, 1000.


FIRST HURDLE RACE, 25 sovs., 2 miles. Nora.,

10/ ¡ accept., 5/.

MAIDEN, 10 8Ovs.,.0 fur, vNom , 0/, . - .

TABLETOP STAKES, 20 sovs, 0 fui. Nora., 8/;

sires only eligible:-Grafton, George Frederick, Favour, Medallion, Yuranigh, Goldshcll, Eupho

rian, Gambol.

BRACELET, 20 sovs, 7 fur. Minimum weight,

Ost, Nom- 8/; accept., if.


SECOND HURDLE KACE, 25 sovs., 2 miles. Nom.,

10/; accept., 0/.

TRIAL, 10 sois., 0 fur. Nom., 0/.

TWO-YEAR-OLD HANDICAP, 25 eovs , 5 fur. Tor

all two-year-olds. Nora., 10/; accept., 5/.

GRAND-STAND HANDICAP, 55 sojs., 1 mik.

Nom., £1; accept., 13/.

M'ELTCR HANDICAP, 20 sovs , 7 fur. Minimum

weight, 8st. Norn , 8/; accept., ii.

FINAL HANDICAP, 20 sovs., 0 fur. Nom., 8/; , accept., if.

Nominations for First Hurdlo Race, Albury Cup, Sires' Produce Stakes, and Grand stand Handicap close Monday, 20th March. General entries Monday, loth April, 8 p.m. Entries may bo made in Mel- bourne with Mr. M. P. Considine, Bourke-strcct.





~ VBC. Stipendiary Stottala rresent

B. '-.'JLM'RICK, Secretary.





LYN TRUSCOTT versus BOB GREENSHIELDS. I A Brilliant Tussle Assured. I PRICES-2/, 3/, b/\ Stage, 10/.

Book at Stern's, 255 Bourkc-slrcct; no extra


201 Collina-slrcct.

B. JENKIN. Managor.



The weather wns beautifully fine on Fnturday, when the "Mentone Club held their meeting. . There waa u 'splendid at- tendance. Fields were satisfactory, and the racing full . of interest. Woorooma was favourite for the. Mentone Handicap, which he won easily, aftei' being; last six furlongs from home. The Parisian (who had won eurlior in the day) and Perilous ran a dead heat in the Mentone Plate, but in the 'run off Perilous won easily, and completed a nico double for R. Bradfield;

Details:- . '


|Of 50 sovs.; second, 7 sovs.-, third, _ sois. Two

" miles and 20 yards,

¡. T. Swan's b g Enchant, by Eminence

Doll}-, aged, 10.7 (P. Guinanc).?. l Mrs. P. Cosgrovc's br g Larrikin, aged, 10.0 (P. I Cosgrove). W. Denshain and L. Hawthorn's eli g Sienna,

1 aged, 11.0 CT. Williamson).; 3

Other starters-Seldom, aged, 0.7 (J. Redfern'); Lord (.nil, 0 .its, 0.7, carried 0.0 (A. Halstead); Makapan, 4 jrr, 0.7 (li. A. Deoblo); Stockings, aged, O.S (J. Ryan); Argalong, 6 yrs, 0.3 (R.


Betting.-5 to 4 on Sienna, B to 1 ngst Enchonl, 8 to 1 ngst Seldom, 10 to 1 each agst Larrikin and


Won Dy n neck; a head between second and third. Stockings was fourth, Mnkapan fifth, Arga- long Blxth, and Lord Quiz last. Time, Umbi.



I Of, 50 sovs. ¡ second, 7 sovs. ; third, 3 sovs. Five


f. F. Kirby'- br g Tho Parisian, by Bobadil . The Parisienne, S j-rs, 0.1,1 (E. S.-Grace) .. T. J. Hendricks b g Eo,-6 yrs, 8.1 (W. Minier) W. Lcjslion'a .br I Gollghtly, ,4 yrs, 0.0.(li

King). . Olher starters-Tho Belgian, 5 yrs, 7.7 (n." Treen); Secure, 4 yrs, 6.11 (li. Page); Orissa, _

jts, B.0, 'curried 0,13 (J. Accola); Sherwood, 2 yrs, !

6.7 (II. Luck).

Ilettlng.-3 to 1 each ngst Goliglitlj-, Tho Bel- gian, mid Eo, 7 to 2 agst Tho'l'arlslan, 15 to 1 agst imy other.

Won by n neck; a length and ti |talt between second and third. Orissa was fourth, Serme Ililli, anil Tho Belgian lost. Time, lmln. 2_soe.


Of 100 sovs. ; second, 10' sovs. ; thlril, 5 sovs. One

mile. . . - R. Bradfield'.*! eli B M'oorooma, by Wallace


Thomas). 2 J. Cornwall's li g Bluff, * yrs, 0.1) (C. Andievv») .1

Other starters-Geebung. 6 yrs, ? 8.12, cat ried 8.13 (Na I). Godby); Arlington, (1 yrs, 8.0 (F. Clarke): Aklin Foo, _._.*.«, 8.5 (O. Pratt); Otiru, 6 yrs, 8.0 (G. Ross); Sweet Hird. 0 yrs, 8.0 (S. Cusdln); Blumer, 0 j-rs, 8.0 (E. 8. Grace); Wir regah, aged, S.O (J. .Accnln); William (late Wil- liam .1.), 0 yrs, 7.13 (J. Minter); Trclo Voun!, 6 yrs, 7.11 (Vi. Minter): Posldonlom, 5 yin, 7.3, cal ried 7.4 (II. J. Butlers); Duke of Pres- ton, 6 yrs, fi.7 (L. Flauer); Iliad, 6 yrs 0.7, cerrlod fl.8 (\V. Ross) ¡Best Girl, 3 yrs; 0.7 (G. Lam-


Betting.-0 to 1 ngst M'oorooma, 7 to 1 each ngst Akim Foo, Geebung, and Runner, 8 to 1 each agst I Trclo Votmi, Corroboree, and Bluff, 12 to 1 each agst M'irregah, William, and Otlrn.

Won by a length and a half; three-quarters of a length between second and third. Iliad wns fourth. Trclo Voitni fifth. Posidonious sixth. Otira seventh, and William last. Time, lmln. _2_acc.


Of 50 sovs.; 6ccond, 7 sovs.; third, 3 sovs. Six


M\ Leeming'*! b c Perilous, bj* Pistol-Alvcarv,

3 yrt,, ".'.? (C. Andrews).,1 J. 1'. Klrby's br g 'Hie Parisian, 3 jts, 7.8

including 71b. penalty (E. S. Grace).12 J. How-aid's br g Meny Monarch, 5 .ta, 8.2,

carried 8.3 (It. Sutton). 3 Other starters-Jolly Kite, 4 jts, 0.7 (F. Chuko); St. Peter, (ijre. 8.10 (li. Gymer).

Betting.-5 to 1 «g«t The Parisian, 0 to' 4 ng6t Perilous, 5 to 1 ngst St. Teler, 10 to 1 each agst Jolly Kate and Meny Monarch.

Periloui-and Tho Parisian ran a dead beat, Merry Monarch being a length flvv-av third, .lollv Kate was fourth. Time, lmln. lojscc.

In the run-oft" Perilous started at 0 to 4 on, and won pulling up by a length. Time, lmln.



Of 50 sov.-!.; eccond, 7 sovs.; third, 3 6ovs. Six


J. B. Farquharson's br m ,llelrna, by Bobadil

Helena, 5 jrs, 7.13 (G. Iximhert).J A. 1". Bradshaw'« li or br li McicJnllle, 0 vrs,

7.0, carried 7.1 d'. Chuko). 2| Mrs. 1'. Page's br f Hello Sobrclcht, 3 yrs,

8.12 (N. Stratton). .) Oilier Büirters-Coram, 5 yrs, allowed 51b., 0.2 (If. Treen); Mill Song, 1 yrs, 0.5 (A. Onpp); A.B., 4 vr**, 0.2 (J. Accola); and Lady Survivor, 3 yin, 7.U (A. Smith). .

Helling.-0 to 1 agst Carani. 4 tu 1 agst HelrnaJ el in 1 cadi aga A.B., Mercantile, and Bcllc|


Won by Ihrer-quartets of a length; two lengths,! between second omi third. Carara was fourth,

A.B. flflh, Mill Song sixth, (.ad lady Survivor I Lui. Tinto, lmiii. leljsci..


Of 50 sovs.; second, 7 sovu; llilnl, 3 sovs. One

milo and it epiarler.

Mr«. Clbatid's br g Lion, by Majestlc-Hfra.

'combe. 5 yu, 10.4 (.1. Thomas).1 W. <A. Filgate's b g Mollusc, aged; 10.2 (a

Pratt) .. ,-.2 IV. Loyshou'a eli g Spjcraft, 4 jrs, 0.4 (E. King) 3

Other starters-Rata, 0 jrs, 0.7 (A. S. Henkel); Curl '/erna, 1 jm, 8.13 (A. Ciopplj Moipheus, 3 yrs, 8.0 (G. Boss).

netting.-0 to 1 agst Mollusc, 7 to 2 ngst Lion, 4 to 1 each ngst Spjiraft omi Rata, 7 to 1 agst

Carl '¿ena.

Won by tlircc-miarlors of a length; half a length betewen second and third. Carl Zena was foul til, and Rata last, , Time, Sitiln. H.scc.



ADELAIDE, Sunday.-The Cup meeting, ot T_t teniall'a Club at Morphettville was favoured with ideal Heather on .Saturdaj-. There ivas a satlbfac tury attendance. ' ReMilts:


' Olio mile.

F. Vi. Allen's Fiction, by Destiny-Romance,

0.0 (Foulsham). 1 II.Mallan's Palotla, 0.8 (O'Brien). 2 1'. Ross's Arquebus, 8.4 (Bracogirdlc). 3

Other starters- Hotspur, 0.12; Ventilai ist, 8.12; Hajrick, 8.8; Alarm, 8.8; Boom, 8.5; Lady Ber- nice, 8.3; Lord Staffa, 8.3; Masher, 8 2; Zara, 8.2; Pretty Poggj. 8.0; Leon Year, 8.0; Brookton, 8.0; Ironbark, 8.0; Royal Alliance, 8.0. Won by half a length, tinco lengths and a half between second and third. Leap Year was fourth, and Boom omi Ironbark list. Time, lmln. 43 l-5see. Dividends tor £1, £5/0/ and £2/17/.

HURDLE RACE. About two miles.

Vii. -F. Jones's Rojal Million, hy Pygmalion

Fly, 11.4'(|.'. Dojlc).-.. 1 Slier« ooil and Edwards'» Bright Mist, U.10

? (Carter).J ...... 2 - Bowman's PugllUt 0.0 (Pjun).-, .. 3

Other starters-Pathfinder, 10.5; Cameron, 0.3; Camarilla, o.o. Won, pulling up, by three lengths; six lengths between sceonel and third. Ciñieron wari next, and Pathfinder fell. Time, 3uiln. 551sec. Dividend lor £1, £1/10/.

TATTEHSALL'S CUP. One milo und a half.

C. Ia. Moorhouso's Willy Wully, by Rllcnalf

Mvce, 8.0 (Anderson). 1 R. O, Neale'» Ventuiillsl, 0.10 (Neale) .. " .. 2

J, O'Kecfo'u Orllne, 7.0 (Campbell). 3

Other starters-Desllnist, 0.5; Banzai, l>5; Scintillation, 8.10; Carlton, 'a8; Kooringa, 8.8; Glenljon, 8.2; Sedan, 7.8; 'Iho Sllftcr, 7.8; Shiver, 0.10. Coining into the straight Will)" Wally nnd Orllno were leading Venttialist, Sexlaii, and Koo- ringa, but Willy M'jlly elrcvv away at the distance, anti won comfortably bj- two lengths, anti Von tunlist beat Orline by a head, betlan was fourth, and Shh cr laTt. Time, 2mltu SOJscc. Dividends for £1, £3/10/ anti ,.11/J/.

STEEl'LECIIASi;. s About two miles.

E. A, Killntlor's Svviigman, by Capstan-dam

unknown, 0.0 (Pynn). 1 II. Fox's Mermaid, 0.7 (Foi). 2 J. Hew ton's nivMcnd, O.O (Spooner). »

Other starters-Kiristos, 11.-4; Federation, 11.0; I.aitlcrc, 10.0; Rhodc«Ian Girl, 10.0; ltiglesldo, 0.7; Uildle, 0.2; Daylight, 0.2; I>ijnpcr, 0.0; Jock Svvivcller, 0.0; Major! .lack, O.o; Jack Swlvcllcr, Daj light, and Damper ran off, and Laitière, ltho desian Girl, Feelcnltlon, Kiristos, and Major! Jack fell. M'on. by 12 lengths; 10 leugtlis betviecn se- cond and third. Ingleside anti paddie alho finished. Timo, 4min. lOsec. Dilidcnds for .C1, £14/10. and £2/10/.

TRIAL STAKES. Seven furlongs.

Allan IMTarlnno's Pretty Peggj*, hy Barr

Connonltc, 7.0 (Hill). 1 W. Biims's Bernard, 7.13 (Anderson). 2

0. WillianM'B Ruby, 8.0 (Marshall). 3

Other starters-The Gorge, S.5; Arinourj-, 8.5; Arquebus, 8 0; Summerfield, 8.0; Lady MaclgevvTi, 7.11; Radiant, 7.7; Monica, 7.4; Miss Oonjilt-or, 7.4: Lord Eminence, 7.2: Pniitlul, 7.2; Studholme, Ü.11; Golden Age.O.lO; Foretell, 0.10; Piccaninny, 0.10; Messenger, 0.7; Antiope, 0.7; Golden Hill, 0.7; Gamboola, 0.7. M'on easily bj- two lengths; a length and a half between second anti third. Piccaninny was fourth and Golden Agc last. Tune, lmln. 20 4-5sec. Dividends for £1, £12/17/ and £2/4/.


Six furlongs.

J. James's Musket Belle, by Pistol-Podrhga,

8.0 (O'Brien). 3 F. Vi. Allen's Ladv Dudley, 0 4 (Foulsham).. 2

J. Rowcn's Lord Derby. 8.0 (M'Gce). 3

Other starters-Sir Edwin, 8.10; Dunblane«, 8 3; Contrite, 8.0; Alcoy, 7.12; Lady Frederick, 7.7; Permian, 7.2; Darter, 7.0; Pundatmi«, 7.0; The Doctor, 0.10; Battle Bridge, 0.10; I'uradl<*\ 0.7. M'on by a length «nc> three-quarters; titree lengths between second and third. Sir Edwin was fourth and Dunblane last. Time, Imbi. 10 l-5sec. Divi- dends, for £1,' 60/5/ and 10/.


Six furlongs.

J. J. Mottlmer's Lord Staffa, by Staffa-Mar-

tagón, 7.0 (Bax). 1 E. Simtn's Glucose. 7.13 (Liddle). 2

E. Baker's Alarm, 7.0 (Rcillv). 3

Other starters-Tile Custawoj-, 0.0; Ixittlc, 8.10: Notley, 8.0; Rose Morn, 7.8; Marble! Malt!, 7.5; Unicorn, 7.3; Ludv Bernice, 0.11; Orry, 0.11; ni-i ment, 0.7; CelcritJ*. 0 7; Messenger, 0.7. M'on nicely by half a length; two lengths and a tcr between second and fhiid. Netley was fourth. Time, lmln. 15sec, Dividends for £1, £0/1/ and

i«. ___


, BRISBANE, Sunelay.-At Taltcrsall's Club meet- ing yesterday the principal event resulted:

Tattersall's Handicap. One mile and n furlong. .»-J. KInnie's Blackpoint, 0.0, 1; J. M'Gill's Olive Leaf, 7,1% 2; D. .Shield's Wars tar, 10,0, 3. . not- ting.-Í to 1 ngst Blackpaint, Won by half a

neck. . Time, lmln. DÜ.scc; Totullsator dlvldeml'




Malden Pluto. Five furlongs.-Benderay. ¡¡"t. Black Ben, 8.1- Iliintulne, 8.1;.Iliad, S.0; Blliui Hurry. 8.0; Craiglee, 8.0; Malmaison, 7.10: PedíT 7.10: Prllk, 7.10; Moogegong^ 7.0; Lord Drue.,"?i! Master Gluten", 0,0; Glasgow, 0.0; Beresford 6 li- lli Issa, tl.O; Narclsu, 0.7; Lady lia, 0.7; Arlu'.'

tl.7; Linly Survivor, 0.7: Phllej. 0.7; Gabriel. __'. Prize-lighter; 11.0. ' .' i "'".

Jinitliers' Flat Unco. One mile nuil a quarter - Shipmate, 10.7; Spycrofl, 0.7; Viator, ojj; ii,, feitlon, 0.1; Snob, 8.13; Narelli-, 8.i:i; Romance 8.11; Kiilcurnu, 8.11; Gratldrook, 8.0; Northnort' 8.0; linotler, 8.0; Charlemagne, 8.0; -fal, 8.0

Sleeplcehasc. About two miles.-larrikin 12.0;.Enchant, 1S.S; M'eo Scot, 11.2: llardlnei.' 11.0; Novllt, 10.12; Florlle, 10.10; Confederate' 10.0; Seildimi, 10.7; Alcltim, lO.ll; Kimma joj! Yarrabee, 10.1; The Sinner, 0.13; Officer, ois" Stockings, 0.11; Crooks, 0.11; Manorial, 0.7; Game' boy, Mlrza, 0.0. . ' u

Aspcntlalc-park Hiindicilp. One mile-ArHntr ton, 0.0; Jolly Kate, 8.5; The Amazon, f_3: wn. Ham, 8.3; Otlru, 7.13; Hedge 7.11; Secret. J j. M'lrregtih, 7.0; Lion, 7.7; Perilous, 7.7: ScotchmiVt' 7.2; White Eyes, ii.13; BlulT. 0.13; Mumu, ¡ii! I'orfectlon, 0.11 ; Frivolity, 0.7; The Trawler, ¿7 *

Craiglee, 0.8; Curara, O.S.

Aspendale Purse. Six furlongs.-Burley, 00» A.B., 8.0; Haut Fils, 8.3; Lenore, 8.1; Helena' 8.1; O.Q., 7.13; Blind Harry, 7.11; Saladin, 7._! The Trawler, 7.7; Bttntune, ' 7.0; Verna, 7 5-' priss.1. 7.5; Pretty Boy, 7.3;- Drimadoon, 7i! Gabrielle, 7.1; Straffend, -11.13; Port Erin. 013! Shutlte, 0.11; Mercantile, 0.0. ^

It. li. MAITLAND, Handicapper.



13.2 n.u. Pony Handicap.-Bonny Bell, iç-oi Reil Spec, 0.8; Kathleen, 8.12; Gyroscope, all' Flying Shot, 8.3; Little Mary, a0: Starlight, 7 pal Tarunit,' 7.(1:. Liicituniu, 7.5;' (¡uuen Bee, !*__ Dimple, 7.0: Vanity, 0.7. ^

llunilieaii Trial Stttkes.-Binder, 0.0; Roy Lo.&l*.. Topgallant 8.0; Clilinis, 8.5; Ellen, 8.0; i_,J» Ellen, 7.0; Mmkrlor, 7.0; Metehcglln, 7.2; l_Ui. marun, 7.0; -Allcvier, 7.0; Meellej-, 0.11; Modelte

U.7; Vexation, 0.7. "'

11 Pony' Handleap.-Plain Tom, 0.5. Tar-,

peena, 0.5; Bonny Bell, 0.0; Skldoo, ai2; Red 1 Spec, 8.10;. Collingwood, 8.-1; Grusshopiier, 8.0-.. Garters, 8.0; The Rambler, 7.0; Ventura, 7.5; stur¡ light, 7.1; .luck Wien, 7.0; Lady White, ij.10 Yeldraj', 0.7. '

Pakenham Handicap.-Oilcans, 0.0; Carclte, o.o Overture, 0.0; "Meadow Sweet, 8.0; Selma, ay! Brownlock, 7.0; Cureftil, 7.0; Hoy Lo (late Le lluvl: 7.0. . . "

Handicap Stewards' Purse.- Flrehell, 0.9; Kirellv, 0,0; Trollop, 8.0; Guzelle, 0.7; Caloola, ii". l:rai note, 0.7..

11.2 11.11. Novelty Pon j-.-Tarpeena, 0.10; lied Ipcc, 0.10; Lily, 0.1; Oratara, 0.2; Kathleen, MO; Gyroscope, 8.0; Pearl, 8.7: Wee Pat, 8.7; Any thing, 8.0; Nora, 8.1; The Bird, 8.0; Flying Shot, 8.0; Little Mniy, 8.0; Lockind.1, 8.0; Starlight, 7.12; Little Toll, 7.5; Lucitania, 7.3; Queen lice, 7.3; Miss Poppets, 7.0; Lady M'llltp, 0.10; Vanity,

0.7; Yeldrav, 0.7.

Handicap Flutter.-Carotte, 0.10; Orleans, 0.2; Overture, 0.(1; Careful, 8.5; Bindee, 8.0; Meadow Sweet, 7.10; Roy Lo (late.Le Boy), 7.10; Brown. Writ, 7.8; Ellen,- 7,7; , Chums, 7.7; Muskctor, 0.10; Medley, 0.10; Catamaran, 0.7; Vc.-iUon, 0.7. ' - ,_


COLAC, Saturday.-The Colao team played Cara mut on their own ground yesterday, the result being a win for Colac by 5 goals to 3. Tile Cara- mut teiim.vvus A. Affleck-, E. De Little, II. Un-u hint, and It. Cumming. Colac-Clivo Robertson. I'.vetard nrowne, 0. M'lntct-Irvlng, and J. Hind, haugh. The play was very fast till through, espe-

cially In Hie last two terms, when Caramut made, a determined effort to equalise the scores. Tins Is the first lime tho. Caramut first team lima

been beulen this season.


Filiroy v. Hawksburn.-The' visit to Warmun, bool during the Easter holidaj's was sticeessful. Tlie result was-Fltzioj-, 10 goals; Hawksburn, 7 goals. Considerable interest bus been amused at Warrnambool owing to the1 visit of tho ruetropoliUa pluyers, and the formation of a local club 1. as-




The Orace-park tournament ivua resumed ort Saturdaj-, when the " management was «gain favouretl willi ideul weather omi a large alteada unce. Tile great event of the afternoon was tlia final of Hie doubles championship between A. W. Dunlop-R. W. Heath and E. T. Barnurd-1!, Lycett. Dunlop was not bo good as U3ual in his driving htrokes, and Barnard, except lu patches, was also below par, but Heath und Lj'cctt were at the top of theil* game, Tho M.C.C. champion pair proved themselves too strong in the first Bel, which they Won at 0-3, but the second was more closely contested, and Barnard anel Lj'cctt bad a clianec of getting the score to five games all, of which they did not take advantage, and lost at 0-1. Tile thhd set bad barely commenced ivheu Lycett, in attempting to turn quickly otr the grass at the side of the court, ennte down, and sprained

his ankle so badly that further play was oui et . the question, and, although Dtlnlop-lleath were loth to accept a victory under such conditions, both Barnard and Lycett realised that with tuo sets against them it was almost hopeless for Hiern to win in.anj* rose, and they therefore rettrrrla, By this victory Dunlop unddleatli have won out*/ the shields, which were Ant competed for %icrc were so inanj iloic matules III the bandi

wn events til if it was found impossible lo «nish

I e programme and as ii mut the totiiniineiit

Mad of finishing on Saturdij neil will bo ""tplctcd on Mondty, vvhiili (a a publie holt tl"»uiplonslil|i of Crace park-Hull

.W Dunlop and II M Heath boa T Barnard and It IJLClt 0-1 0-1 I-O lorte I

Doubles Handicap - Dempster um Bchiiihard brat Datrj-mplc and Pinnock "--"'I-'. ''.»'J and Bent} beat Cowl rg and Fatlcrcon U-t

S-o Scrscant and Hislop beat Daw horn and ?rninr o"-' 1-0 0-2 Han thorn and Malcolm lot lone-sand Nail 0-1 4-0, 10-8, M Culloch and lion beat Biett and fucker, (l-l, O-O, 0-J, *|.rtand Meithelni heit I ittlc and \ lal. --0 f_l 6-1 Hallinan and [linke beat Morris anti M Lean 0-1 4-° e~' Smith and Patterson beat Walklej und Abrecht 0-1 0-1

Mlied Doubles Handicap - Miss Abrecht and

Ivon leal Miss Ingham itliJ Mal i-0 0-1 0-J

li,.* Callawa} aid Dixon heat M|ss Malkcr and

SeSivT 0-1 «-- Ml«« Lvcett mid Mülls beut M«« Si roule and Turner 0-1 o-O, 0- Miss árale- and Brett 1 cat Miss Swinburne und Still

_,| V-1 j-o o-l Miss Hides mid Huit} lie it Miss I lillian ind Dempster 4-1 0-2 0-o Miss fhrlstiitland 1 uxtou beat Miss Vale und Cowling

¡Pi -6 b-i Miss Cnlg and Brett 1 eat Miss

larrett and lamlson 0-1 0-1 Miss Hawthorn awl Hawthorn beat Miss Utrecht un I Ivon 0-1, s-l }li«s Callawa} and Dixon beat Misa Lides iTd bales 1-0 0-0 0-5 Miss Indcrson and Iones boat Mu* Harper and Dive horn 0-0 0-1

iisj lee-itt and «¡His beat Miss Hegirtj und Udics Doubles li indieap -Misses levi and Westmoreland beat Misses Cuult and Guult, 0-1,



Tie follow lug teams have hern selcclcd to re I rc<ent Mctoria v New South M ules nt Sjdnej ile dates for the lillies mutch being April ii and » anl foi the men s initili April 2J and 24 -

""-ailles-Misses \ddi«ou, Stcwait Thomas, and " Gentlemen -N I Biookes RM Heath 1 1

Addison It B liws, \ }. l'ul.. »"I Cn the «bicnce of A M Dunlop) G li Moruibnn


St Kilda B v Jlclboin-ne B -Rogers and Keen <M beat Bingle md Joseph (M ) 0-1 0-2 I,ran! and Hart (S ) I eat Bingle und losepll (M )

0-1 6-6 Rogers and Inen («. ) heit nils anti liaison (Ml 0-' J-0 0-0 Pironl and Hart S) beat Ulis ind nason (51) 5-0 l-l »-' SI hilda 4 rubbers 8 sets, 08 games, beat Mel bourne 2 sets «1 game.

Hawthorn v> B- Roddi and lister 111) beat Martin and DovIs (U) 0-2 0-1 Rodda and lister (II ) beat Campbell and Wiseman (U )

0-5 6-5 hing and Baker (11 ) lost lo Campbell »iii Wiseman (U ) 6-4 j-0 1-6 King and Bakir (HO lost to Martin and Davis (U ) 2-0 1-0 foul« -Hawthorn 1 rubbers i set» JO games, Lmversit}, 1 riihlicr« 1 set« II gunns


litzrov v Cainbctwell-Coinvvill and Holmes 11) beat Murdoch and Billow (O ) J-0 li-0, l-l and Gillies und Unecht 0-. 0-1 bhuip «nil "tonis (1 ) I eat lillies and Uvrciht 0-1, G-J and Murdoch und Barlow 0-3 0-3 Totals -litzrov 4 rubbers 8 s-ts 51 gillies Cumbil will

1 set 'o gumes

Hawthorn v «tiillev pirk - Purlin and Ponsfonl (II) heat Graj anl Paterson (SP) (l-l 0-_ larhn aid I on=ford (li ) beat M Gregol and Hope (SI ) ti-" o-. Holden anl Howie (II) heit < rai and Paterson (S P 1 5-i 0-' Holden and Houle (Il ) lost to M Gregor ond HopL (*." P ) f-t -0 Tonis -H iw Horn 1 rubber*. U sits 4 gani« Studie} park 1 rubber 2 sels JO gum»

t. teen s v Las ndon - Ro»s and Mun (I ) hint llartrum and Clarke (Q ) 0-J 0-1 Cumming an I »harrison (1 ) lost to H irtrjm und Clurkc (t( ) o-j ]_o 4-0 Ross and Me ire (L ) beat Leim lir iggen and I ade (f) ) 0-5 0-1 Cumming und Morrison lost to I ccnibriii,gcn and I ade (() ) 0-1 j_. *»- 1} Totals -I 6«endon 2 rubbers 0 sits, 41 games Queen s 2 rubbers 1 sits, 48 games


The first annutl iv cling meeting of the M hilo llic.cic Chili was held on Saturelav, tit the city reserve Richmond and atlmitce! ii large attend ance In ncirl} all the events the finishes were excecehnel} clow. lhc Oin Mile Championship was won lv \ I Davies I Milder (J) und C beti ii It (I) The icsults of the other events v ere-Hau heap 8a0 jurds.-A L Stimmers 1 li Wood ?> \ 1 Davies 0 One Mile Uandi ca| -li Wood 1 R Mood 2 1 C 1 ckhillelt

1 During tin afternoon II Mool lhc one innetl rider male an attempt on the oncutnied vvotlfts r earls for half and one mile lu the Halfmile tlte time was 50sec tims breukitt*. the lecord by "see The One Mile w is dom m 2miu bsec, breaking the record of one nilli bj lOsic



At a meeting of tho council of the J ictoriull Amateur Swiinptuig \ssoclation on I ritlaj even ing Mr 1 l-l ind presiding it wis deiided to ireoe,ni«e the undermentioned ncords nude during ti e se ison - M j irds _o 1 5»cc II llrtllev, ut ( reliras 100 jalde, Msec T W Mason it St hlldt Hillls j virl Psei 1 D Ma on St hilda Biths 200 virds 2m!n 17sec 1

Mason at C eclong, 20 }ards 2mln II I 5sec , 1 lleatircpaire it 11 botsford

It was resolved to add a sub clause to the rule dcfiiug an amitetir swlinmei as follows- \c e*e|tng reniunerition for swinniiiiig in public i

h being emplo}cd foi money or wages in .. swimming bith or elsewhere as un uttendint on swin mers or being a li ith proprietor lessee eir manager shall debar anyone from competing us

an anateur svimueci

In order to encourage swimming in the public sclools It wis decided to invite u delegate from eaeh Echool to meet the association exicutiic to disc iss the practicability of holding an annual n tol-sJiool challenge carnivil Hie lion secretary (Mr R M Collins) reported that he had been negotiiting with the University Snorts Union willi regard to forming a swimming club, and that there was every iKJSiibllity of one being formed before


Our London correspondent writes -The Amateur Swimming Association on Saturduj list decide 1 1 ÎS votes to 20 not to send a representative to \u«tralla The motion on which the voting took llaee was as lo] lou s - That a reply bo Bent t the NSW IS. v. inhuming them that the *i S \ is of opinion tint Hie true interests of

it 'national amateur sport an full} irovlded for ji I re best serve I 1 v the periodic meeting of the all letes of nil countries at the Olympic games

Hat the visits of individual swimmers to other t intncs eith r wholl} or parti} at the expenso of at v club or association ure not in accordance, v ith the spirit of amate tit ism that the AS V seeks to maintain and that the}, therefore, re

gret their inibilitv to eompl} with the request of



Tonight at the Mclliourñc Athletic lav Ilion La«tern Hil] a contest of 20 rounds will take pile o

I lace 1 elvveen Lvn Truscott and Bob Greenshields. Hie event is an important one The winner will lie recognised all over Australia as the light weight champion


Tile Mclburman Hare and Hounds Club provided am etcur runners with nn opm inciting on ti Melbourne Grammar School ground oil "-aturda

There wis a fair attend ince und some interesting riche, I It Morgan did some bplindid sprinting anl in tie two mile ruo J Mumclkan run spion eli ile and ut lite finish wus as fresh as I aint G HIiK (ile i\ 10mile champion) appeared in this nice in 1 he bael not had a training run 1«- di I the two mills In lOmiii Msec Ills form on '-aturdo forecasts a i.ood cro«s countrv season for lim \t the conclusion of Hu sports the pnzis were distributed bv Mrs C. L Blanch ond Mr O M Williams, on 1 ehalf of the comiuittce thanked 1 er for lur atiéndame and culled for three cheers for her the following uro the results -

120 Jards ladies Ilrecelet-I R Morgan, scr

3 S Let oreti, - }ds 2 I L Dails 4 yds J V great lace won lv afoot Time IJJIOsec

10») arl»-S G Hollow 28 j eis 1 II S Mar si II JO }d« 2 H Billings, 3a yds J Sixteen Harted won bv three vards. Time, '.min _5see.

Mflhiirnian Club Handicap, Srt lards-A H r-ott >o jds 1 P "-dinier, 1J jds 2, Il M i roi j >0 jd« J Won by three, jaids rime

One Mile Malk- lv R Moor "IO j de IGT Inngktv 200 jds R Greville 10 }ds, J Pwcive started rime, 7min J 1 usci

410 Tards Handicap (Utiil) -1- Scott, IS jds 1 M C Meeking, 12 ids 2, 11 Billings IS jds -. Won bj two jards rimo, 52 1 5see.

"*>)ards Ilaiiilicnp (Final)- \ II Scott 7. yds 1 L It Jlorgaii, scr. 1 li \ Nugent 0 jds \ (.real race won by inches lime 8sec

rwo Miles Handicap -I Macmeikan 17j yds

I II hcrr 12o vds 1 L S long, 00 jds 3 Mon

casi! lime Oniin J8 4 "¡seo

«.« )ards HttrdlCB-J L Dill« sir 1 1 _ lae ock 14 vds 1, I li Scott, JO jds J Mon lâsilj Time 47 1 Osee

fc-ik Race -M Steel

Hw Bxccllcnry the Coicrnor (Sir Til 'las D t tbson Lurmicbacl) bus accorded lils rall-. u" tlte Malvern Harriers C)ub


Mil - Ncarlj 1 000 people attended tile High land <x5cictj s gathering at ). eu on H cdnesdav Res ills - sheffield Handicap -O Callaghan 12 jet's 1 Hale 2 Bojd J Hurdle Rare -P 1 Nunn, 3 \ M Leish _ louths Sheffield -K Drjs dile 1 I Stephens ° Milo Bicycle Race -M Mcntworth 1 II Hlckingbothum 1 lea M heel Race-I A Polan, 1 A Kelli - Parker Nome Biejclc Race- \ lann 1 Mcntworth

NovIce Wcod ehop - J \ Puiccll 15scc behind let 1 J I ualtrou*,!) ' Open M ood chop -II Callen let 1 J Lunllrougli,1 Hunters Trial - 1 I inlay s Aj r Lad 1 Martin s Gaiety 1 Martin s 1 mi, Ohf ¡ High lump tor Hornes -Martin s K11 g Ohf Marlin s Sandv and Slcnn s Comet .liviled Best Horse Over Hurdles-Martin s Gaietv 1 «.vi lad 2 Best Ponj Over Hurdles - Tailors Irc«sbov, 1 Mpper Bet dressed Highlander -C S Hav 1 Pibrochs -J A Cen ter 1 I C Dickson - Murcbcs-J A Cenkr 3 It Macdonald and G C Dickson equal

Straths] ej « -Center 1 Dickson " Macdonald j Best Two Irish Aire -Center 1 Dicken Mac djiiald J Best Juvenile I iper- H M liilonald \ lessee Johnston 2 Reel p fulloih (adults) - Ifav 1 Ceutcr .> Brown I Highland Hine (lasses)-L Stell 1 1 Dule 1 D SioU, I lligl land Hing (adults) -Ilav 1 Bro en Dkk son I Sword Dance (liddies) - \ I Houston j W T Martin 2 J Martin I Hie! o Tul loch (lassies) -L Steel 1 L Dale « ( billilli J Sword Dance (adults) -Hal 1 C tiler

Brown 3 Highland Hing for Liddies-Ü Hell

1 y Chadwick W 1 M irtin i Sbnnlruis (adults) -Hav 1 Dkkson Center 1 Swore! Dance for Lassies-I Steel 1 L Dale ' I Bel! J Irish Jig-Hay 1 Brown » Dickson i "?ailor s Hornpipe foi Liddies-Chadwick 1 Hill - Houston J Snlors Hornpipe fir Lassies I Dale 1 I Steel 2 G .nilth J Silloi ?> Hornpipe (adults) -liai 1 Broi n Dickson l A first (.lass concert'« is 1 el 1 ii nLlit IH no gramme teing (.neil bv Melbourne artist« vi/

Miss Llva Rogers Miss I lie hnond Mr R ifn»

ferguson and Mi Horace Bridle


Three classes of birds sparrows stirlings md I tgeons were trapped at the Melbourne C mt Club s ground on Satur lav afternoon and there liebig a good attendance of shooters i most enjov ibli afternoon s sport w is the o itcon c I rincii ii in "/?""»t L.ntred in the third competition for the iioullciisc tiophv al spirrows mil the winner I roe ed to be A 1 =iniih mi I lav ti g w i the tiplhj picviouslj it bee tine his absolute I roi et tv

lhc main was 10 kills out of l | ossiblc liejit pi-ra Snnplcs. 0 kill« was runner up S nu si ikes were won or divided bj Corio IV I ick bim '."ï - fut a Fie Monga I p O Connor \.h Smith M G C ami Pcgumold

.Pn..£rl<;-|>'.thc uceutnulutivc sweepstake rrophy of £10 wilt be »hot for. '