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    The Australian Dance Awards were established to acknowledge and honour excellence in dance throughout Australia. The awards identify Australian dance professionals who have made a distinguished contribution to the art form in performance, choreography, design, dance writing, teaching and the many other related professions inextricably woven into dance. They are managed by Ausdance and overseen and judged by a governing council of dance professionals with a national reputation and a broad dance experience and knowledge acquired over a lengthy involvement with the art form.

    The Awards grew from the Dancers' Picnic, an informal, community event founded by Keith Bain. The picnic was first held in 1986 when the dance community gathered in Sydney to celebrate International Dance Day and to celebrate the dance achievements of the year.The first award ceremony was held in 1997 in Sydney.


    A list of award winners is available over the Ausdance website. See Australian Dance Awards.

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  1. Bain, Keith (-2012)
    Choreographer; Dancer; Director; Dance Director; Artistic Director; Producer; Movement Director
  2. [Australian Dance Awards : programs and related material collected by the National Library of Australia]
    [ Published : 1900 ]
    At National Library

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    This small collection contains programs, flyers, and reviews. It includes programs for the 1999, 2001, 2002 and 2003 Awards. Also included is a copy of the Australian Dance Awards Charter and a printed list of awardees for the Dancers' Picnic (1986-1996).

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