Searching Trove using URLs

This information is provided for developers and it is not assumed that general users will be implementing this functionality. The description below documents how to construct search URLs to search Trove. In each case the text entered between the angle brackets <> must be URL encoded (see for how to URL encode text)

Please note that support is limited to this information, as we do not provide programming advice.

Basic search against all categories:<terms>

For example:

Basic search against a particular zone:<zone id>/result?q=<terms>
For example:

The list of zone ids is: book; picture; music; newspaper; collection; map; website; people; article

Fielded searches

Fielded searches can be done using the same type of URL as a basic search, including the field name before the search terms.<field>%3A(<terms>)

This can be handy if you would like to link from an item in your catalogue to the same item in Trove. You can construct a URL to search for the ISBN, or the author and title.

For example, to search for an ISBN:
For example, to search for a title and author:

Fields available are: creator; title; subject; isbn; issn; publictag


It is also possible to add limits. It involves adding &l-<limit name>=<limit value> to the URL. The limit names are: format; online; subject; creator; decade; year; language; australian;

For example: