Trove privacy statement

Protecting the privacy and personal information of users of Trove is important to the National Library of Australia (NLA).

Trove operates within the NLA and as such is subject to the NLA’s privacy statement.

This Trove privacy statement, along with:

as may be changed, amended or modified from time to time at the NLA’s sole discretion and without notice, together form the ‘Terms and Conditions’.  By registering with, or using, the NLA Trove Service (Trove), you agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions.

Collection of personal information within Trove

You may choose to sign up to Trove. When you do so the NLA collects personal information such as your chosen registered username and email address. This information is stored in secure databases. As advised on the sign up page, your username will be visible to other users. The email address you provide will be used solely by relevant NLA staff and systems for its intended purpose, as stated on the sign up page.

As per the terms of use for users of Trove and copyright statement, you grant to NLA a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-ShareAlike 2.5 Australia License in respect to your lists, messages, data, information, text, tags, comments, forum posts, graphics, links, newspaper text corrections, searches or other material (Content). Private messages sent through the Trove Forum are not considered Content for these purposes.

Internet search engines index the public content of Trove, which means that any Content you provide to Trove, including your username, will be able to be searched and found on the internet. For this reason we advise you to carefully consider the public username you choose when registering.

If you access the Trove Forum whilst logged in to Trove you are automatically registered for the Forum and your username will appear within the members list of the Forum.

Under the Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-ShareAlike 2.5 Australia License, Trove records the searches you perform and makes these available for viewing within Trove, however we do not record or reveal the username attached to the search.

We will use the contact details provided by you in the Trove Contact us form for the purpose of answering your query.

Information about people and organisations in Trove

Information about individuals and organisations within the ‘People and organisations’ section, and within the digitised newspapers section of Trove is publicly available and generally available on contributors’ websites or in paper and microfilm collections. It is provided to Trove by contributors who have signed an NLA Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). Within the MoU, contributors agree to “allow the Library to reproduce, publish, modify and otherwise use the contributor’s data in its programs including in its discovery services and machine-to-machine interfaces.”

The NLA does not alter the data provided by contributors and in co-signing the MoU agree to “use all reasonable measures to prevent any third party modifying the contributor’s data without the contributor’s permission.”