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Why isn’t my newspaper title digitised?

Over the past 4 years the National Library of Australia, with a modest budget and small team of staff, has digitised more than 6.8 million pages of Australian newspapers. This equates to just over 260 titles out of approximately 7,700 newspaper titles published in Australia. With such a large number of newspaper titles to be digitised there are many competing priorities and we actively consider the recommendations made by the public and seek advice from colleagues at the state and territory libraries in determining a forward schedule of priority titles to digitise.

In order to enable other libraries, organisations and individuals to contribute funding to support and prioritise digitisation of titles important to them, the Library has implemented a contribution model.

For further information about the contributor model, please see:

To suggest a title for digitisation, fill in the suggestion form.

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Search Tips

Searches that can be performed in the simple search box include:

Boolean searches You may use AND, OR and NOT and brackets to create boolean expressions. You can use a minus sign next to the word in place of NOT, eg:

Date searches To search for a date simply enter a date in the search box. Articles containing the date in the heading or text will be retrieved but you will also be given the option to search for articles published on that date eg:

Exact term searches You may specify searching for an exact search term only using fulltext:

Field searches You may specify searching within public tags using publictag:

You may combine the use of publictag: with Boolean searches:

You may combine the use of publictag: with wildcard searches (this will only match characters at the start of a tag):

Note: When searching with publictag: only exact matches for the tag entered will be found, so a search for the tag “raymond” will not match the tag “Alfred John Raymond”.

You may specify a page that an article appears on using firstpageseq

You may combine the use of firstpageseq: with boolean searches

This will only search the page sequence number in Trove, which may not match the page number from the newspaper. Additionally, the only way to search for an article on the last page of a newspaper is if you know how many pages it has.

Near searches You may use ~ to specify how near the words in your search need to be to each other.

Phrase searches Enclose search terms in quotes, eg:

Wildcard and truncation searches You may specify wild cards matches with an * or use an * to truncate word endings, eg:

  • find “mathematics tutorial”, or “maths tutor”: math* tutor*