A guide to Trove

Trove is an exciting, revolutionary and free search service. With millions of items, Trove is an unrivalled repository of Australian material. Trove is for all Australians. Whether you are tracing your family history, doing professional research, reading for pleasure, teaching or studying, Trove can help.

With such a vast amount of material, we wanted to provide some help on getting started. Please see below for help on a range of topics. We hope you enjoy exploring Trove.

Help on digitised newspapers and more…

If you need help on using the digitised newspapers and more section of Trove we have a very detailed help section available.

Help on Journals, articles and datasets

Trove has a new area devoted to Journals, articles and datasets. For information about and help on using this new feature, please visit our help page.

Help on finding things

Trove contains over 100 million Australian and online resources. In order to help find what you’re looking for we’ve hopefully answered some of your questions here.

Help on finding Australian theses

If you’re interested in finding just Australian theses we have answers to frequently asked questions here.

Help on getting things

Once you’ve found what you’re looking for you may want to know how you can get it. Please see our answer to that question and others.

Help on keeping things

We have a fantastic new List area in Trove and to help you use it we’ve got some information available on how to make a list of things you’re interested in, things you want to go back to look at or that you want others to look at.

Help on participating in Trove

Trove allows and invites you to participate directly. You can tag items and make comments or you may be interested in contributing your records. We have information on how to do all of that here.

Help on technical aspects

For help with technical issues or for information on things like font size or display problems please see the answers to some of these sorts of questions.