Where do I direct my enquiries about newspaper digitisation?

All questions about the content and digitisation of Australian newspapers should be directed to the Australian Newspapers Digitisation Program (ANDP) team.

The sorts of things that should be sent to the ANDP team include:

  • Enquiries about the quality of images;
  • Reporting of errors in images and OCR (electronic text translation);
  • Reporting missing issues and pages;
  • Enquires about election of titles, new titles, goldfield newspapers and suggestions for new content;
  • Enquiries about articles 'coming soon' and progress of digitisation;
  • Offers to fund digitisation of newspapers and standards for digitisation.

The ANDP team can be contacted through the contact us link, and their website is here: http://www.nla.gov.au/ndp/


Can newspapers digitised by other libraries and organisations be included?

The National Library of Australia is always interested to know what other Australian newspapers are being digitised. We are developing a model for national collaboration and intend to include regional newspapers in the ANDP. See Get Involved! to find out more.


How long will it take for articles with the message '[coming soon]' to be available?

Articles with this message will normally be available within 28 working days. Instead of having to check back everyday you can receive an email when the article is available. Simply click on [coming soon], or the envelope icon, enter your email into the box that appears and click 'email me when available'. If you are a registered user of Trove, this box will be automatically populated with the email address in your user profile.


What does 4 million pages consist of?

This is about 475,000 individual newspaper issues, which will consist of more than 40 million news stories.


What is the Electronically Translated Text?

The Electronically Translated Text has been created through the process of Optical Character Recognition (OCR). This is an automated method of converting text contained in images, which cannot normally be searched, into text that is fully searchable. For more information on OCR and newspapers, see the Optical Character Recognition Overview on the Australian Newspapers Digitisation Program webpage.


Which newspaper titles are included?

A selection of Australian newspapers published between 1803 and the copyright cut-off date of 1954 will be available. See Selected Newspapers for more information about how titles are selected for digitisation.


Will 'xyz' newspaper title ever be included?

To see which newspapers are coming up for digitisation please see the Availability Schedule. If you have a particular title you would like to see digitised please contact us.