The Picture Australia newsfeed has been closed. Trove provides several options for keeping track of new features and content.
  • you can keep in touch by signing up to the Trove announcement list:
    • To subscribe email with the subject ‘subscribe trove-announce’.
    • To unsubscribe email with the subject ‘unsubscribe trove-announce’.

  • Trove can alert you when new content arrives if you install a reader as follows:

Web feeds, sometimes also referred to as RSS feeds, are a way to find out about new content. To take advantage of feeds you need to sign up for a reader such as Google Reader or Netvibes.
Then search Trove for your topic of interest. On the search results screen, scroll to the bottom and look for the feed icon and link.
Use your reader to subscribe to as many different feeds as you like. Then, check your reader regularly to see if anything new has arrived. If many new items matching your search are added to Trove in a short period of time, they may not all be included in the feed. (Please note that other feed readers besides those listed also exist. The National Library does not endorse any particular product or service.)

Trove also offers some feeds specific to digitised newspaper or magazine article content.

  • we have a busy Trove Twitter feed. Please join us there to discover the treasures in Trove.
  • we change the news on the Trove home page frequently and new features are described under the Site news tab

The Trove Support team