Since the launch of Trove in 2009, a copy of all records in the Picture Australia service have been featured in the Pictures, photos and objects zone to provide valuable additional context for people, events and publications. Over the next two months, the Library will be integrating some essential Picture Australia discovery functions into Trove, and switching off its separate user interface at

As part of the preparation for this event, scheduled to be completed by 30 June, some but not all, Picture Australia functions will appear in Trove. We believe that Trove provides an enhanced experience in many areas. We will advise you of these changes in a series of bulletins.

It has been wonderful to see how Trove has raised the profile of heritage and contemporary collections held in Australia’s cultural agencies and educational institutions. Just last week, this blog shared a moving story about the value of Trove. The service is being used for a wide variety of research purposes, see, and We hope you will continue to build Trove with us.

Please don’t hesitate to Contact us via the Trove website with any questions about the integration as we release each bulletin. You can keep track of all the integration news here.