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Thread: Idea for Discussion

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    Idea for Discussion

    One of the interesting aspects of the newspapers project is the diverse interests of the correctors. Some maintain a disciplined approach by correcting Family Notices only , thereby maximising the value of the project for family historians, while others follow their whims and cover a diverse range of subjects.

    This approach ensures that the project is truly broad based in its subjects and tags.

    It recently occurred to me that we could trial a more focused approach on certain subjects/people/events. One day a month could be set aside as a special day where all correctors searched and corrected columns relating to a selected event/person/subject. Each corrector could search and correct newspapers in their own local area and a tag could be designated for the days subject.

    Obviously the subjects and associated tag would be selected by someone associated with the project and would hopefully be selected for their potential value to researchers etc. Correctors would also benefit from a break from the usual "drudgery" of their own interests and maybe acquire some other interesting knowledge.

    I would be interested in the views of other Trove Users, Members, Junior Members, Staff Moderators and the Adult Member on this topic. Might I suggest that the first Tuesday of each month might be a good day and then it could be called "Trove Tuesday" (sorry!).


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    Might be worth trying. After all, it is only one day a month, and nobody would be compelled to participate. However, I would not like to be the person charged with the responsibility of selecting the favoured topic.
    On the other hand, as the nursery rhyme goes: "Jack Sprat would eat no fat, his wife would eat no lean, and so between them both, you see, they licked the platter clean." If we all "do our own thing", I think that there is a fair variety covered.

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    If people wish to do something like this, then we can provide a specific forum space for people to use for this.

    A way that you could approach this would be to:
    1) Have a 'topic suggestions' thread, for people to suggest topics - one person would need to volunteer to maintain this so that the suggested topics are all listed in the first post. Topics that have been used are marked in some way.
    2) Have a Monthly poll, where all the suggestions are put into a poll, and the top rated topic is used for the following month, Topics that are used are then left off the list for a few months so that you don't have the same topic every month
    3) Have a monthly topic to announce the topic being used for the month, and provide space for people to ask questions about the topic, or ask for assistance with specific articles. I suspect that although the idea is to spend one day on a concerted effort on the subject, we would find that people do it across the month.

    Depending on how much take up you got, you could extend this, just select the top 2 or 4 results from the poll and put them up as the topics across the month.

    Of course, you do not need to restrict it to just specific subject/event/persons, you could also agree to all correct articles from a specific date (or date range), a specific newspaper, or anything else that you can think of. To make it easier the first post could include a link to the broad search for people to start from.

    At the moment, the Trove team is unable to run this, or making decisions on the topics to use (and it would probably be better if the people involved agree on a topic to do), however we can send out tweets and create a blog or news post (so that it is linked from the homepage) to promote the monthly topic.
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    I think there is a potential problem here. While we all go along correcting our favourite topics or whatever meets our eye, we generally don't bump into one another. But if a lot of people's attention is focussed on the same topic on the same day, say Phar Lap, then we are all going to do the same keyword search and get the same search results. That dramatically increases the chances of two or more people trying to text-correct the same article at the same time.

    I am not sure how Trove deals with parallel edits of this nature, but it strikes me as a potential problem.

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    I see the point of Kerry's problem. It might be solved by allocating regions to different people, or at least States. But I am not convinced that there would be benefits commensurate with the complications of managing this in practice.

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    Could be alleviated by picking a theme : animals in general; food ( recipes, crop prices, food preparation tools, appliances, restaurants, health issues); travel.. broad topics

    As to getting the same search results, I have difficulty getting the same results twice 10 minutes apart using the same key words, phrases. A second search using the same key words will not give you results in the same order or includes totally different results. You cannot rely on it finding the same article that you just corrected the day before and tagged the article with your search word.
    And, the "AND NOT(" option seems to work exactly backwards. I wanted to search for LACE but not Chantilly, bobbin, knit, crochet. The results put at least six items on the first page that included Chantilly. CRASH BURN..

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    With regards to Kerry's comment 13 Jan 2012 - it is possible for 2 people to be correcting articles at the same time.
    I have discovered it at least twice in my experience, but there could be more.
    This is probably when people are checking out what I've been up to.

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