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Thread: Lists as a teaching tool

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    Lists as a teaching tool

    There is a great blog post up on Virtually a Librarian about potential uses of Trove lists for educators. Check it out, and tell us whether you agree!
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    It definitely is a good substitute to delicious. As you have rightly mentioned.

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    yeah agree with Raman, This is really a good substitute.

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    Its funny to come across this. My wife is a teacher and tries to incorporate a decent amount of technology. She has a personal website for posting assignments and stuff. I was just talking to her about using social bookmarking sites and other resources she doesn't know much about. I just forwarded her this!

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    My daughter runs a school where literacy is a ongoing problem, years 9 to 12. I've suggested to her that I am happy to take some reading classes, and believe that correcting digitised text would be a good idea to improve the literacy skills of these young people. They can pick any topic they like and there is a history lesson in it as well. Any other suggestions?

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