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    Explore Maps

    Browse historical and current Maps from all over the world here:

    Or do a search for specific Maps such as August Heinrich's 1871 "Specialkarte von Australien", found here:

    Many Maps will be digitised and freely available online as well as in various libraries, see what you can find and share them with other users....

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    I use the nla digital collection of maps regularly with my students, however, I find the 'reloading' of maps when resizing (enlarging or reducing) the map to be difficult because the image disappears and then reappears. I’ve seen some digital map sites (British library) that ‘re-pixilate’ which make it easier to navigate around the map, is this (repixilating) technology available at nla? Is it something that is considered to be better or worse than what nla is currently using?

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    I'm looking for Maps which recorded the first stock route’s in Australia Commencing with the first overland drive from Sydney to S.A in 1836 I believe.
    I wish to locate all original stock routes.
    As well as documentation recording the original drives for each stock route, the dates they were made, what stock, men, dogs etc were involved etc.
    Can you advise me where to look and who to contact to complete this project.
    Thank you for any assistance you can supply.

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    I use the maps section of Trove all the time for archaeological and historical research. It is notable that the NLA collection probably the largest and most useful collection. I hope other repositories get their act together - such as the NSW State Library whose on-line collections are a bit difficulty to finds and are only a small part of what they have.

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    These are quite handy.. Also, the technology have moved a bit.. There are maps in all the smart phones with more features

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