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Thread: Canberra Text Correctors we need your help!

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    Canberra Text Correctors we need your help!

    The National Library of Australia really values the work you do, as text correctors, to improve the quality of our digitised newspaper service in Trove - and so does the ABC.

    The 7.30 ACT TV program here in Canberra wants to do a story on the work you are doing and is keen to interview a text corrector who live near or around the ACT.

    All you'd have to do is chat to a journalist and tell her why you do what you do. Not only will you get your day in the sun and a big thank you from the National Library, you will also be helping us spread the good word that is text correcting.

    If you'd like more details, please contact Media Liaison Manager at the National Library - Sally Hopman on 02 6262 1704 or at before 15 September 2011
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    It was watching that item on 7.30 Report that got me involved!

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