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Thread: Adding your own images to Trove

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    One program that I regularly use is Xnview which is free online at and has various editing and tagging options.
    This really helped. I had no idea how to add pics here but thanks for this!

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    Flickr is the only way for individuals to add photos to Trove. The other route to have photos added to Trove is to have them catalogued by one of the libraries or collecting institutions who contribute to Trove.

    For more information about Flickr, here's their website again:

    Trove Support
    Catriona Bryce
    Trove Support
    National Library of Australia

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    Nice! I don't think I have any photos that would be suitable at the moment, but I should bookmark this page and keep it in mind once I do
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    This is a great feature!

    Are photos copied to Trove, or just linked from?

    (As asked in the Flickr Trove: Australia in Pictures discussion list on Flickr.)

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