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Thread: National Diabetes Week 10-16 July

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    National Diabetes Week 10-16 July

    Diabetes Australia’s National Diabetes Week runs from the 10 – 16 July in an effort to raise awareness about diabetes in Australia.

    Diabetes is a disease which has plagued mankind for thousands of years being one of the world’s oldest diseases. One of the earliest references to diabetes was the phase ‘the passing of too much urine’ appearing in an ancient Egyptian manuscript around 1550 BC.

    It was once a fearful disease that was certain to kill. A newspaper article made the mournful announcement that a Cardinal was ‘suffering from a painful disease, diabetes’ and that the ‘disease under which he labours is one of a serious and fatal nature’.

    Before (and after) the discovery of insulin, suggested treatments and cures included such things as Dr Sheldon’s Gin Pills, cabbage extract, a diet of food containing protein, carbohydrate and fat to cure diabetes and ‘another cure’ consisting of calcium.

    In 1933, the Australian Women’s Weekly gave the sensible advice of watching one’s diet. They finish with the solemn warning that ‘To disobey the doctor's advice in diabetes will more than probably mean a severe penalty’.

    A permanent cure is something we have been waiting for a while now with a a leading British diabetic specialist predicting, in 1953, one to be found in 10 to 15 years time.

    In an interesting attempt to make himself unfit for military service, one man paid two other men to inject him with liquid from sugar-cane to produce the symptoms of diabetes. Unfortunately for him he was found out and fined 100 pounds.
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