The Lists feature of Trove is a handy way to collect materials that belong together. One of the popular uses for Lists is collecting digitised newspaper articles for family history. Some of my own lists include ‘Harris Family’ and ‘Rose Family’. It is a useful feature for your own research and for others searching for their family history.

Adding items to a list is simple. First you need to sign up with Trove. Once that is set-up and you have logged in you can add an item by selecting ‘Add to my lists’, which is usually on the right hand side of the screen (for Digitized newspapers it is on the left hand side). Create a name for the list or add to an existing one.

There is an option to add a description which can be helpful for yourself and others in identifying what is in the list. Details entered in the ‘Title’ and ‘Description’ sections are searchable not only in Trove but also search engines such as Google and Yahoo. More information on lists can be found on the TroveNLA channel’s Lists in Trove – a Trove “How To?” .

Lists are not limited to digitised newspapers; anything found on Trove can be saved to Lists such as books, pictures, journals and websites. Neither is it limited to the family history subject. Subjects can range from ‘Bush Fires’ to the ‘Royal Queensland Art Society 1940-1949’ to ‘War Brides

The Australian National Maritime Museum Library has created useful lists such as ‘Endeavour and James Cook’, ‘Convict Ship Pictures’ and Sailing Ship Pictures (useful for family historians trying to find pictures of ships before popular photography).

So why not have a look through Lists and create a few of your own?