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Thread: Trove v4.0: what libraries need to know - Possible IP authentication issue?

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    Trove v4.0: what libraries need to know - Possible IP authentication issue?

    Hi There

    My name is Tony.

    I am a librarian on secondment to a major library in Melbourne. I am doing some work to help staff there come to grips with the fabulous new functionality that is now available in relation to finding discreet articles through Trove, as well as the inclusion of other digitised resources.

    I found the post Trove v4.0: what libraries need to know but could not reply directly as I do not have permission apparently... So I am posting here in the hope of getting some advice.

    My inquiry concerns the behaviour of getting an article from Gale when logged in.

    I have set up four libraries in My Libraries as a test, including my usual home library. When I do a search for an article - in this case Towards a unified evolutionary genetics of microorganisms and am logged in to my acct, I see the View Online Via icon which lists the four libraries I have set up as My Libraries.

    When I click the library I am currently on secondment at, the article displays with no problem as I would expect as it is authenticating the IP address automatically. However when I chose my usual home library that I have an acct with, the following message and link displays:

    Authorization failed
    Click Here to Enter common menu. xxxx_library (library name x'd out by me for privacy)

    When I click the link I am taken to the login authentication page for Gale. I enter my barcode and then go through to the Gale homepage. BUT, the article does not display, it would need to be searched again in Gale.

    I am thinking that this is happening because the proxy server addresses and IP address ranges in ALG for Trove configuration are not correct for my home library and that is causing the problem?

    I tested it with one of the other libraries I have set up and it gets the article fine once the barcode is authenticated by Gale.

    Can you clarify this and sorry for such a long and convoluted message!



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    Hi Tony,

    I understand that one of my colleagues within the Trove team sorted this issue out for you.

    For the information of everyone else, this issue was due to some necessary information about Tony's home library not being recorded. Once this was recorded everything worked correctly. If you do come across similar behaviour to that described by Tony, please contact us.

    Trove Support
    National Library of Australia

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