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Thread: Llanelly, vic, history lookups

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    Llanelly, vic, history lookups

    hello all, i have a keen family history interest in Llanelly, vic.
    If anyone is researching llanelly or people who lived there, im happy to look through my records for you.

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    lost in Llanelly

    I stumbled on your post tonight and thought I'd take you up on the offer. I am looking for a g g grandfather who lived and worked in Llanelly from the 1860's -1880's. The name was Thomas McConnell and he was a bricklayer by trade a miner by chance or gold lust.

    I don't hold out too much hope as he was an itinerant worker, I have info from hospital records. But have not seen anything from Llanelly itself.

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    I would be interested in connecting with anyone who is interested in Llanelly.
    My family the Bousfields had two mines & were crushing for others.

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