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Thread: isAvailable:false Results & Notification

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    isAvailable:false Results & Notification

    I regularly use and check the search isAvailable:false as I try and capture results as they appear.

    One of todays subscription notification that came in via email gave me 1 result which was about 55 pages. So in other words, instead of the actual page where the name was, and in this case it is GAMBRILL, it gave me nothing other than a lot of pages to search to try and find it. This happens every now and then and just wondering if there is a solution or is being looked at so it simply gives the page we subscribed to. (this came in for Gambrill)

    Second question, when I search using isAvailable:false and I do this over ..say, 2 weeks every second day, sometimes I forget (quite often actually) which Items I have already subscribed too, so i'm adding my email address multiple times for the same article and when this eventually comes through on email I get the notification multiple times. Is there a way so that once i've subscribed to the article, I wont see it again or some method whereby i'm not subscribing to the same article many times.

    Hope this makes sense.
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