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    Question Uploading information to Trove

    I have recently started a business, offering digital archiving of historical documents to organisations in my local community. I have never realised how difficult it is to share information to Trove, NLA, SLV or other repositories! Am I missing something?
    Apparently I can only upload info if I am an organisation, regardless of how well it is presented, supplied, metadata etc. Surely there has to be a better/easier way? So far my only option is to piggy-back off a local organisation and share to a 3rd party, with Trove harvesting from their site on occasion.
    Flickr is not an option, as I will be supplying documents, photographs and other historical documents. It would take far too long to upload everything one at a time...
    Any ideas?

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    If it's public domain material you're talking about, you could upload it to Wikimedia Commons. There are tools such as Pattypan that allow you to upload bulk sets of files with metadata from a spreadsheet.

    Note that with Flickr you don't necessarily have to upload one at a time, and nor is it really restricted to photograph (I've added plenty of scans of old documents there, for example). It probably is still the easiest way to get things indexed in Trove.

    There are also commercial services such as eHive that I think Trove is able to pull metadata from (they support OAI-PMH I think).

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