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Thread: Suggestion for manipulating list items

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    Suggestion for manipulating list items

    The following list manipulation capabilities would be useful, as they would cater for the evolution of one's lists over time.

    1) the ability to sort a list, especially in order of date of publication.

    2) The ability to COPY or MOVE a list item to another list.
    With the latter option, the item would be deleted from the original list

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    I agree entirely. I found your post while doing a search to see if there was a way to copy from one list to anther. I have a list that is becoming unmanageable due to numbers. When I started I didn't know that I would have 300+ entries in the list. I would like to move each item into list by by decade.
    I can move individual items to a specific position in the list but, to do them all, it would require two logins (not a problem) and a 50 inch monitor (is a problem). I have tried with two monitors on the one computer, but it is still a bit of a pain. "Sort" by date, is the preferred option.


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    If you have assembled the list but not yet corrected all items, you might consider creating numbered lists, with each century or other block, a separate number. Then from the master list you can move them to the appropriate block. Each item has to be moved one-by-one, so at the point of correcting seems the place to do it. There doesn't seem to be a limit on the number of lists. If they're all corrected, I would start with a fresh search, and restrict the search to the decade you want, and move all of those, then search for another decade. The search results can be sorted by date -- either latest article first, or latest article last.

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