The corrections have been counted and the final result is in!

Congratulations to our champion: NeilHamilton who edited 15610 lines during volunteer week. You have won the coveted GOLDEN CUP OF TROVE*. We will contact you when the paint dries to arrange delivery.

There will also be prizes for second and third placed correctors: michaelchristensen and croquet-bob who put in a thoroughly impressive effort with 12860 and 5876 lines of text corrected respectively. You will receive a pack of Trove goodies that you can show off to your friends and family.

Thank you to everyone who participated, we had a total of 19 entries with over 53000 lines corrected, but most important we have been able to acknowledge the amazing work that every Trove text corrector does every time they edit a line, add a tag, or provide a comment. Every time you use Trove you make us more useful and more successful at delivering Australia?s cultural heritage online.

The GOLDEN CUP OF TROVE* is being prepared as we speak. NeilHamilton we hope you like your gold: thick, uneven and applied haphazardly by information management professionals with no artistic experience whatsoever.