It?s Volunteers Week next week and here at Trove we think we have the best volunteers in the world. They correct newspaper text, tag, comment and list, enriching records in Trove improving searching for everyone.

One of the reasons we think our people are the best? We?ve crunched the numbers and come up with a big one: the text correction volunteering is equal to 500 years? worth of volunteering. 500 years! And all this work equals another big number: 200 million lines of text corrected.

To celebrate your contributions to our service we?d like to offer some Trove prizes. It?s simple. If you opt into the competition then we?ll monitor the number of corrections you make between May 9 and 15. At the end we?ll see who tops the weekly leaderboard, announce the top 5 and send out the prizes. You might win the grand prize, THE GOLDEN CUP OF TROVE*. If those fabulous winners are willing, we?d also like to feature them as star correctors on Trove?s Facebook page.

To be in the running simply register your intention to participate by recording your Trove username in this short form:

*THE GOLDEN CUP OF TROVE will not be made of real gold. The cup may be painted gold. Painting a cup gold may render the cup useless as a drinking vessel. The cup may be a mug. You will receive a gold painted mug.