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    Presentations and talks

    Trove: Explore like never before' Presentation
    Rose Holley, May 2010

    A PowerPoint Presentation introducing the Trove Service and an overview of features and functions.

    Click here to download the .PPT (2.6 MB)
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    Trove PowerPoint presentation

    Explore like never before… an introduction to Trove
    Debbie Campbell, 2010

    This presentation introduces Trove, the National Library’s newest discovery service, and provides information to understand Trove and it's most recently released features. It also outlines some aspects of Trove's future development

    Click here to view presentation slides online (slideshare)
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    Stories to Tell: The Making of Our Digital Nation

    Rose Holley, April 2010

    Recorded presentation from the Manager of Trove, Rose Holley, talking about innovative crowdsourcing projects and the amazing contributions digital volunteers are making - supplying thousands of photographs to the national digital picture collection, helping cultural institutions identify and locate the subjects of their historical images, transcribing birth, death and marriage records so that they are searchable on sites like the Ryerson Index and Family Search Index.

    View a recording of the presentation on YouTube.
    A digitised copy of the resource list is also available online (slideshare).
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    Legal Research using digitised historic Australian Newspapers

    Rose Holley, August 2010

    An overview of the Australian Digitised Newspapers Service (now part of Trove) - a presentation to the Australian Law Librarians Association.

    View PowerPoint slides online here (slideshare)
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    Finding Information Just Got Easier for Historians

    Rose Holley, October 2010

    This presentation was delivered to the Royal Australian Historical Society Conference. It provides a great summary of Trove with a focus on historical resources and family history research.

    View the PowerPoint slides online here (slideshare)
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