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Thread: Gold Museum Ballarat records now in Trove

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    Gold Museum Ballarat records now in Trove

    As a special present for Trove users we added more than 54,000 records from Ballarat Gold Museum just before Christmas.

    This wonderful collection contains a vast array of documentary, pictorial and material evidence of Ballarat’s people and history.

    The first records which caught my eye are 90 chocolate boxes, in a variety of shapes and sizes and all beautiful. Can we still get the 'Beau Brummell Chocolate assortment', with their 'distinctive centres' or the 'Prince Henry assortment'?

    Included in the collection are records from the Soltau POW camp, highlighting Ballarat’s connection to World War 1. One of the most interesting is a photograph album from Soltau, which includes images of events at the camp, such as concert parties, sports days and soccer teams. It is well worth visiting the Gold Museum’s online collection to see all 80 images included in this album.

    More than 18,000 postcards are also included in the collection. There’s a picture of Ballarat from the late 1930s, Lal Lal falls and the Star of the East Gold Mining company. On many of these postcards the inscription has been recorded, like this lovely message from a husband to his wife 'To my darling wife with best love + kisses from your loving husband Ern xx Love to baby, he will be 2 years old by the time you get this. I can't send him a present, dear, so buy him one for me Yours ever Ern xxxx'. The text of these inscriptions is indexed by Trove, providing more data for you to search.

    We hope you enjoy exploring this collection.
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