During the course of the year a significant amount of the Trove team’s time is spent working with organisations like council libraries, museums and historical societies to harvest their records into Trove. As we approach Christmas 2013 I thought it would be nice to highlight all the new organisations whose records now enrich Trove. These are in no particular order of importance, but just as I found them.

The Ballarat Hospital Service are contributing their historical archives. The records include annual reports, quality of care reports and financial statements.

The Leichhardt Library has contributed a collection of over 4000 pictures ranging from the early 1900s to the 1970s.

The Botany Bay library images collection contains 130 image records for Botany Bay and the surrounding areas.

Ashfield library has contributed records for their postcard collection, a wonderful source of the pictorial history of Ashfield.

One of the exciting new sets of data we’ve been able to get into Trove have been the records for the ABC Radio National programs. At the moment we have the records for 15 of their programs in Trove, including All in the mind, The Science Show, The Law Report and the Health Report.

AusStage, an event database of Australian live performance, has contributed over 70,000 records describing live performance in Australia. The earliest record is for a performance in 1789.

The quantity of scientific information in Trove was dramatically increased with the inclusion of over 79,000 articles from journals produced by CSIRO Publishing. There are 31 journal titles covering everything from healthcare to plant bioglogy.

Picture Sutherland Shire has contributed over 3,000 records for pictures and postcards ranging from the 1880s through to 2008.

The City of Ryde council has contributed over 2,000 image records dating from the 1840s through to the present decade.

The Flinders Shire Historical Photographic Project has digitised just over 1,000 images from the Hughenden area in Queensland.

My personal favourite is the collection of 112 image records from the Queensland Police Museum. It’s worth checking out the story of Peter the Kelpie. I've also created list which features Peter's story.

The Queensland State Archives have contributed almost 10,000 archival images and almost 3,000 digitised archival records.

The Maritime Museum of Tasmania has contributed a variety of records, including (unsurprisingly) many pictures of ships, and documentary evidence for the maritime world.

Royal Australian Historical Society’s Frank Walker Collection has contributed over 200 images to Trove from the 1870s to the 1930s.

As you can see, the Trove team has had a busy year growing your Trove, and we look forward to more collections coming in next year.

We hope 2014 brings you many more research discoveries.