The National Library of Australia is pleased to announce the following newspapers which have issues that have been newly added to Digitised newspapers and more on Trove. Many of these newspapers are currently being added to Trove and further issues will become available shortly.



Queensland Times, Ipswich Herald & General Advertiser (Qld. : 1861 - 1908)#



*Digitisation of these titles has been supported by the State Library of NSW as part of the Digital Excellence Program, funded by the NSW Government.
#Digitisation of these titles, selected by the Australian Newspaper Plan libraries has been funded by the National Library of Australia.
**Digitisation of these titles has been supported by the State Library of Victoria in collaboration with Public Libraries Victoria Network.

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Titles have been selected by the National Library in consultation with the state and territory libraries. A number of the titles are being digitised with the generous support and funding from a range of organisations. For those libraries and organisations wishing to digitise a newspaper title, please see our Contributor Guidelines. If you would like any additional information please email us at