Recently we celebrated the arrival of the 10 millionth newspaper page in Trove, as noted in this ‘Behind the scenes’ blog post.

Not only are there now over 10 million pages and over 104 million articles in Trove, but there are also now over 100 million lines of text that have been corrected by our volunteer text correcting community and in fact over 110, 000 lines have been corrected so far today.

You can get to know some of the champion text correctors who have maintained their presence in the upper reaches of the Text Correctors Hall of Fame consistently since the beginning of Trove, and take a peep at the sort of articles they are correcting.

The contribution made by all our text correctors is immeasurable, improving the Trove experience for everyone, and enabling them to enhance their own research and follow their topics of interest as they do it. Text correcting can be done without signing up to Trove, however if you do register you will be ranked in the Text Correctors Hall of Fame, in very good company.If you would like more information on the how and why of text correcting, you should find the answer here.

It is wonderful to see other libraries encouraging communities of volunteers and focussing on their own particular areas of interest. A great example is the State Library of Queensland who have set up a ‘Pitch In – Digital Volunteers’ program, encouraging volunteers to correct ‘all 1915 issues of The Queenslander newspaper or to correct a newspaper article published on your birthday’. Volunteers are also invited to tag SLQ photos in Flickr Commons, to undertake transcribing assignments and to share personal stories around historic and iconic events in Queensland.