Trove always endeavours to provide a large variety of historical resources to the Australian public and is always expanding its contributors Australia wide. Trove’s newest contributor is The City of Ryde Library. The City of Ryde Library is located in Sydney’s North-West and has a vast collection of photographs and pictures, which depict the suburb of Ryde and surrounding areas. To date, the City of Ryde Library has contributed 1,724 images to Trove. These images include photos of landscapes, places and people from the Ryde and the Sydney area. These are everyday sights that are significant to our Australian culture and draw attention to the importance of the history of Sydney and to our Australian history generally. The City of Ryde Library has captured iconic Australian urban and rural scenery through these photos, which are now available to the Australian public through Trove.

One of the things this collection does is beautifully secure and freeze important moments in time that reflect our Australian identity. It highlights important events that are significant to Australian culture, along with important figures involved with our Australian history. An excellent example of this is a photograph of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh crossing Ryde Bridge, on the 5th of February 1954. It illustrates both a significant event and an important figure. This image depicts Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip crossing the Ryde Bridge, which was an important leg of the Royal Tour of Australia in 1954 during an important time of British-Australian relations and only eight months into her reign. This image in particular reflects our strong connection to England and the monarchy and our important Commonwealth ties.

Another thing this collection exquisitely does is suspend people and places in a point of time. This is vital to remembering our history and understanding valuable people and places that have contributed to Australian society. A photograph of the historical Gladesville Post Office, Great North Road in Gladesville can be found as part of this collection. The photo was taken in 1914 and highlights the change in our society, reminding us of how much we have progressed and developed. This photo has captured a period and time we can never visit but through photographs like this we can revisit this time and place. In order to better understand what life was really like back then which is vital in understanding our roots and our history.

Images are an excellent resource and great source of information. The popular saying goes ‘A picture says more than a thousand words’ and at Trove this is very true. Pictures add an element of diversity and more depth to a topic, putting a human face, or a place we are familiar with to a topic, along with providing visual aid when researching. Now that Trove has even more photographs and images, thanks to The City of Ryde Library, Australians will have access to a greater amount of images and will be able to enjoy Trove’s fantastic resources even more.

(Written by Molly Turnbull during her week's work experience with Trove.)