Austage provides an accessible online resource for researching live performance in Australia. Information about performances in AusStage is recorded in six main ways: events, venues, contributors, organizations resources and works.

After some months of work by the Trove team, there are now over 67,000 event records from AusStage available through Trove in the Journals articles and data sets zone, enabling researchers of live performance to enrich their search results within Trove by accessing these records with further links to venues, contributors, organisations resources and works as well as a wealth of contextual information in Trove from other contributors and sources.

For example, you can find the event descriptions for ten performances of Tim Winton’s ‘Bugalugs Bum Thief’ through the AusStage event records; and further enrich these results with book reviews, journal articles, the location details for ten editions of the book in Australian libraries, teaching notes, Tim Winton’s papers and a large selection of related Archived websites.

In contrast there are 169 AusStage event descriptions for Puccini’s 'La Boheme' and thousands of contextual resources across all zones of Trove.