There’s another small but fascinating collection that’s just been added to Trove. The Queensland Police Museum has a small collection of records hosted on eHive which have some weird and wonderful things to show us about crime in Queensland.
There’s a picture of Peter the kelpie, who through no fault of his own was caught up in a murder, died before the trial, and was stuffed and mounted and was used as an exhibit at the trial. There are pictures of voodoo dolls , weapons galore, pipe bombs, crocodile skins and men with moustaches.

Trove has been harvesting records which are hosted on a small “software as a service” collection management company called eHive . eHive’s motto is “Collect it. Connect it. Show it to the world.” They are used by smaller museums, galleries and historical societies who may not have the resources to invest in traditional collection management systems. Although they are based in New Zealand, their use by Australian organisations is growing. Thus far Trove has harvested collections from Australia Post, the Bega Pioneers’ Museum and the Maritime Museum of Tasmania. We hope to continue to tell the Australian story by sharing more of these unique collections in the future.