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Thread: Number of Australian visitors to Trove by state

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    Number of Australian visitors to Trove by state

    We thought it would be interesting to find out where our Trove users are accessing Trove from. We used Google Analytics to get the number of users visiting Trove. Over the past six months we had nearly 9.2 million visits to Trove. Of this, Australian visits to Trove numbered 5.6 million. This means Australian visits made up approximately 61.5% of our total visitors to Trove. The next highest number of visitors come from the United States and the United Kingdom. We had a closer look at the Australian numbers and separated them by state. This is what it looks like for the past six months.

    It looks like New South Wales edges out Victoria for being home to the most Trove users in Australia! Unfortunately due to the scale of the chart, it’s hard to see the Northern Territory’s numbers. But on average over the past six months there has been 2265 Trove users per month visiting Trove from NT. It also seems that the number of visitors to Trove in December was down, probably because everyone was off enjoying the holiday season!

    Each month from now on we’ll post the monthly Australian visits to Trove by state.
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