As you may have noticed, the forums have undergone a bit of a change in the past couple of days.

The changes that have been made are to do with the layout only, nothing has been deleted, however some threads have been moved to more appropriate locations within the forums.

In Summary:
The forum is now divided into three sections - Trove, Reusing Trove resources and Archived subforums.
Posts that should be put in the three sections are:
  • Trove - Anything related to Trove or your research.
  • Reusing Trove resources - discussion of automated ways of reusing resources from Trove, including use of the API. This does not include referring to (or copying) Trove resources in papers, blogs etc.
  • Archived subforums - These are forums where no new posts will be made (except perhaps by Trove staff), however they are kept for reference purposes.

Each of the sections for posting have been divided into separate subforums, and hopefully it is easier to see where to post than it was before. The major change that has been made is that rather than being divided up according to the Trove zones, the forums are now grouped in a more 'topical' manner. If you are unsure of where to post, simply post wherever the heading that is most related to your post is - for example, if you have a question about some genealogical research you are doing, post this under 'Questions and Research -> Genealogy', if you would like to talk about your genealogy research, feel free to post in this section as well. If you are still unsure, then if you are asking a question, post in the general 'Questions and research' subforum, and if you are just making a comment, or have feedback about Trove, post this in 'Trove general'. Any posts that are in the wrong subforum will be moved to a more appropriate location. Questions about specific topics that have a dedicated subforum (e.g. Digitised newspapers) can be posted in these subforums.

The changes have been made to better reflect the types of posts that have been made in the forums, so we hope that they will make the forums easier for everyone to use.

If you have any questions or feedback about the changes to the forum feel free to contact us, or post in the 'Trove general -> Forum feedback' subforum.