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    Trove API News #1

    The Trove API was launched in April 2012. It provides programmatic access to the metadata and some full text in Trove.

    It is anticipated that the API will inspire agencies and individuals to:

    • share Trove content around the world;
    • analyse Australian cultural heritage collections and content;
    • generate new research, especially in the digital humanities and scientific longitudinal studies;
    • return enhanced user-generated content such as annotations to the communities from which it came;
    • and use the content in mash-ups and other services.

    Some examples of re-use might be:

    • including results from Trove on another website
    • taking a copy of some Trove records, to include in another database
    • organisations contributing their records to Trove can retrieve tags or comments added to those records by Trove users
    • visualising Trove content in different ways

    You can use the API to search across Trove’s books, images, maps, music, sound, video, archives, journal articles, newspaper articles and lists created by other users (archived websites, people and organisations may be added at a later date) and retrieve metadata records for the items you find. You can also download the full text for most digitised newspaper articles. It is then up to you to use that information in a creative and useful way!

    Anyone can use the API, just sign up to Trove and then apply for a key by following the API link on the home page. Having some programming knowledge will be helpful. Conditions apply if using the API for commercial purposes. Whenever you use the Trove API, you must acknowledge Trove as the source of the data. The preferred way to do this is by displaying a “powered by Trove” icon alongside the information you have pulled from the API.

    If you are thinking of using the Trove API and would like to know more, start with the information here. If you are already using the Trove API we and the wider Trove community would love to hear what you are doing.
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