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Thread: Picture Australia integration with Trove

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    Picture Australia integration with Trove

    We have received some enquiries asking for more information about the integration of Picture Australia with Trove.

    The National Library foreshadowed integration plans in 2009, with its announcement of the development of a ‘single business discovery service’. The businesses to be combined into one single service were:

    • the Libraries Australia publicly available, free search service
    • digitised Australian historical newspapers
    • Australia’s web archive (PANDORA)
    • the Register of Australia Archives and Manuscripts (RAAM)
    • Australian Research Online (ARO)
    • Picture Australia
    • Music Australia
    • Australia Dancing
    • the Oral History Directory
    • Mura Gadi.

    From 2010, the separate user interfaces for each of these services were progressively turned off. The Picture Australia platform, made available in 2000, was revitalised in 2007. No further enhancements were possible after that time.

    The decision to integrate Picture Australia into Trove was not taken lightly. In a time when the Library is managing budgetary constraints, it is also trying to maximise its resources to make sure that content in Australia cultural heritage and research collections remains available to everyone. Retaining online content permanently is of paramount importance, and that sometimes incurs trade-offs in the form of changes to existing services.

    The integration of the two services allows the National Library to:

    • improve search tools across a wide range of content
    • use faster technologies which provide more capacity for innovation
    • deploy better ways to load new images of Australiana.

    How to recreate Picture Australia while searching in Trove

    It is possible to recreate the Picture Australia search experience in Trove, as follows:

    1. Select the ‘Pictures, photos, objects’ zone from the home page of Trove

    2. Tick the ‘Available online’ and ‘Australian content’ boxes underneath the main search box

    3. Enter your search terms in the search box.

    4. Click on the Search button.

    The images in the result set should be the same as a Picture Australia result.

    To refine your search further, for example, to find images from a particular collection, use the Trove Advanced Search option in the Pictures, photos, objects zone as follows:

    enter search terms
    limit the results to ‘Australian content’
    select a date range
    choose what type of image you would like to search for eg: Art work, photograph, object, poster
    limit the availability to Online
    in the Library box, enter the name of the organisation, click on ‘Find locations’ and tick the box beside the organisation’s name
    then click the ‘Search’ button

    On behalf of:
    Debbie Campbell
    Director, Collaborative Services
    National Library of Australia
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